REVEALED! Another health danger linked to statins

Statin drugs have ranked among my least favorite medications since they first hit the market.  

That’s because research shows they are linked to DANGEROUS health issues like liver damage and neurological problems.  

And now, I have yet another reason to hate them.  

Because according to an analysis from the Department of Veteran Affairs—a huge hospital system—taking statins can send your blood sugar THROUGH THE ROOF! 

Here’s everything you need to know…  

Losing control 

This new study is one of few that have looked at statin use and diabetes progression in current diabetics. And its results are deeply concerning… 

It found that patients with diabetes who were on statins were more likely to begin taking insulin, suffer from high blood sugar, and develop blood sugar complications. As a result, they were also more likely to need prescriptions for additional medication to help lower their blood sugar.  

In other words—if you’re taking statins, you’re very likely to lose complete control of your blood sugar. And your reliance on even more medications to get it back down will grow. (How nice for Big Pharma!) 

In fact, well over half of the statin users saw their diabetes get as much as 37 percent worse in this study, compared to subjects not taking statins. And then, 40 percent needed another class of drugs to control it, while 16 percent “just” needed insulin.  

Plus, persistently high blood sugar jumped by 13 percent—and uncontrolled diabetes (or ketoacidosis, a life-threatening diabetes complication) went up by nearly 25 percent.  

All of which is a huge problem, especially considering that cardiologists just can’t seem to stop themselves from overprescribing statin drugs.   

But as usual, the study authors and commenters all insisted that docs shouldn’t stop prescribing them—and patients shouldn’t stop taking them. Huh!? 

It starts with resistance 

Now, what makes this study unique is that it didn’t just rely on fasting blood sugar or HbA1c levels. It looked at real life issues that patients were having—and factored in what their docs were doing in response.  

This is important because the researchers also observed a dose-response relationship. So, the more statin medication subjects were taking, the worse the diabetes progression.  

Why? Well, researchers think that statins fuel diabetes by increasing insulin resistance. Statins may also interfere with the function of your body’s insulin-producing beta cells.  

And guess what? Insulin sensitivity is the very first step towards becoming diabetic. (So, remind me again why no one is prepared to question statin use?!)   

Unfortunately, insulin sensitivity is rarely measured in real-world settings. But it should be—and especially if someone is taking a statin drug. (I always test for it in my practice. If I’m doing a glucose tolerance test, I’m also checking their insulin levels each step of the way. That way I can best guide patients back to good health.)   

So, if you’re a diabetic, struggling with blood sugar regulation, or are simply “just” on a statin drug—I hope you’ll take the results of this new study to your doctor and discuss them in detail. And then, don’t be afraid to ask for a better way to treat these conditions.  

One way to do that is to drop common, overprescribed prescription drugs, whenever you’re able. (More details on this to come in the upcoming December issue of my monthly newsletter, Logical Health Alternatives.)  

Another is through smart lifestyle choices—like regular exercise, committing to a healthy, balanced diet, and supplementing wisely. All it takes is a little bit of due diligence on your end—and hopefully, support from your healthcare provider, too.  


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