REVERSE type 2 diabetes? (No drugs required!)

It’s an exciting time in the world of research. Specifically on how to treat type 2 diabetes with something other than drugs.

In fact, it’s high time individuals take responsibility for their own actions—and accept consequences of their inactions when it comes to taking care of themselves.

Because really, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is quite simple.

So, today, I’m going to outline a proven intervention for you to try. It’s something I’ve written about before—and I even practice it myself.

And now, research confirms it can put diabetes in REMISSION.

Reverse diabetes AND lose weight

In a small, randomized trial of type 2 diabetic patients in China, researchers analyzed the effect of intermittent fasting (IF) on the disease.

More specifically, for three months, half of the subjects were instructed to follow six cycles of five fasting days, followed by ten non-fasting days. Then, they had a three-month follow-up period without fasting days.

The other half did not follow an IF intervention and served as the control group.

Researchers found nearly HALF of the diabetic patients—47 percent— that practiced IF achieved diabetes remission, compared to only 2.8 percent of patients in the control group. They also lost 13 pounds after three months on an IF program.

Plus, at the one-year mark, 44 percent of those patients sustained their diabetes remission—and their weight loss.

Diabetes doesn’t have to be forever

It’s well known that the longer a person has type 2 diabetes, the harder it is to get into remission.

However, in this study, a whopping 65 percent of patients in the intervention group achieved remission, even after suffering from the condition for more than six years!

Not to mention, the cost of medication for the participants in the IF group fell by 77 percent. (Amazing!)

So, clearly, a type 2 diabetes diagnosis is not forever…

That is, not if you start taking your health in your own hands.

As I’ve been telling you for years, all you have to do is make healthier lifestyle choices. Clearly, dietary habits go a long way—you want to choose unprocessed, whole foods.

And when it comes to following an IF program, the most studied types are alternate day fasting (fasting on alternate days), the 5:2 approach (where any two days in a single week are your fasting days), or time-restricted eating (where you restrict your meals to a specific eating window).

Finally, consistent exercise helps boost the effects of a healthy diet, too.

For additional ways to naturally prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes, check out my Metabolic Repair Protocol.


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