Science’s one-two punch against statins continues

And the walls that the American medical community has built around itself just keep tumbling down…

But I’m not just here to applaud it… I’ll continue to act as one of the most outspoken voices spreading this news — to you, and hopefully, to everyone you know. Because the sooner word gets out, the better.

Why? Because — finally people aren’t just talking about whether statin drugs are effective or not. They’re questioning the need for statin drugs altogether. And if you ask me, it’s not a moment too soon…

There’s no such thing as “bad” cholesterol

I realize I throw the words “good” and “bad” cholesterol around a lot. I also recognize that these terms can be deceptive. So I’ll pause for a moment and briefly go over some basics — just so we’re all on the same page.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance your body needs to function. And the majority — roughly 80 percent of it — comes from your liver (not from eggs, shrimp, butter, or anything else in your diet).

But cholesterol requires proteins to move it through your bloodstream — the combination of which is called lipoproteins. And these lipoproteins are what we’re talking about when we refer to “good” and “bad” cholesterol.

The “good” kind is high-density lipoprotein, or HDL. It moves cholesterol out of your cells and back to your liver, where your body either breaks it down or sends it packing as a waste product. You want high amounts of this in your blood.

The “bad” kind is low-density lipoprotein, or LDL. It moves cholesterol into your cells. Why? Because, simply put, they need it for their own protection. Without cholesterol, your cells would essentially fall apart. It’s that important. But you don’t want too much of these lipoproteins in your blood.

While we’re at it, let’s go over another key point: The presence of cholesterol in your arteries doesn’t cause heart disease by itself. Rather, artery blockages are the result of oxidative stress and runaway inflammation.

That’s the real enemy in this scenario — and if you want to conquer heart disease, those are the factors you need to focus on getting under control. Which means cholesterol is really just a red herring.

But it’s one thing for just me to be saying that. It’s another thing altogether to have 17 different physicians agree on two key points:

1.) Statins are worthless against heart disease.

2.) High “bad” cholesterol levels don’t necessarily cause heart disease in the first place.

The truth about statins, according to science

Yes, folks, it’s happening at long last! A new study shows that there is no link between high levels of LDL — the so-called “bad” cholesterol — and heart disease. (HA! Take that, you greedy, reckless mainstream docs!)

I’ve told you countless times by now, but there you have it, for the whole world to see: A comprehensive review of the most up-to-date literature has busted half a century’s worth of misleading cholesterol myths.

This study looked at data from more than one million patients. Among other conclusions, it showed that statins are of no use in preventing heart disease.

And the scientists — hailing from the US, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, France, and Japan — tailored their recommendation to reflect as much, writing: “We suggest clinicians should abandon the use of statins.”

The emphasis is enthusiastically mine, of course. What can I say? Our day has come. Finally, there are other people in the world that feel the same way I do!

Now, the only challenge left is getting the word out to all the cardiologists who haven’t quite gotten the memo. And unfortunately, there are a lot of them.

Which means that, as usual, proactive patients are stuck doing their doctor’s homework for them.

If you already have heart disease, then maybe you should be taking statins. (And that’s a big maybe.) But if you’re one of the rest of the tens of millions of statin takers worldwide, the simple fact is, statins won’t help you live a single day longer.

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