Senior moments starting as young as 45

Mental decline in the “young”!

If you thought “senior moments” were just for old people, think again. Experts used to think that cognitive/mental decline started around age 60. But in a recent study, researchers found proof of mental decline in people as young as 45.

The study followed a group of people ages 45 to 70 for 10 years. Every few years, the researchers checked in with the participants and tested their brain function. They found that performance got worse in all age groups.

The decline was faster among older people. But there was still a 3.6 percent drop in mental reasoning in the youngest age group. That’s a big wake up call for people who consider their 40s the “prime of life.”

And the best thing you can do to stop it?

Start paying attention to your cardiovascular health.

I know it may sound like a totally different concern. But your cardiovascular system includes more than just your heart and arteries. It also contains all the tiny blood vessels and capillaries that deliver blood to every part of your body–including your brain. This part of your cardiovascular system is called microcirculation. And it’s the main reason I recommend Pycnogenol(tm).

Pycnogenol helps keep your microcirculation in good working order, so it can pump oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood throughout your body.

When your body is getting all the nourishment it needs, your heart stays healthy , your brain health is supported –and even your skin can look younger.

Blood flow is the key to life, longevity, and feeling energized and vibrant. Not to mention the key to staying sharp enough to enjoy it.