Shedding for the wedding

It’s finally spring, a time when hopeful lovebirds walk down the aisle.

When brides-to-be get feeding tubes inserted into their noses for 10 days. So they can lose weight for the Big Day.


I’m sure you saw it in the news, this latest diet craze. Young women are getting nose tubes to lose weight. Through that tube, they will get 800 calories a day for nearly two weeks.

It’s the kind of tube we use in hospitals to feed very sick patients. Let me tell you, there’s no hiding that tube. But these women don’t seem to care.

The big promise–that they’ll lose 20 pounds, maybe more.

Just like the reality shows “Shedding for the Wedding” and “Bridalplasty,” it’s an absurd, disturbing–somewhat laughable–inevitably sad commentary on our culture.

And those supporting these efforts should be ashamed of themselves. Better yet, how about a good public flogging?

Seriously. It’s just so wrong, on so many levels. I’m actually feeling speechless…