Should you get this year’s flu shot?

The latest flu vaccine guidelines are out, and guess what? Not a thing has changed. But are you really surprised?

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) still recommends this year’s flu shot to everyone six months of age and older. And they’re urging docs to shame us all into vaccination by the end of October. (And to keep pushing any holdouts to follow suit for the rest of the season.)

No excuses, no exceptions

There are multiple versions of this year’s vaccine up and running, so as far as the powers-that-be are concerned, there’s no excuse not to get at least one of them.

In fact, they’re even going so far as to say that people with egg allergies can receive any licensed and recommended flu vaccine. (Considering the fact that a lot of vaccines contain egg proteins, this should give you more than a little pause.)

The farce doesn’t end there, though…

The ACIP particularly wants everyone at “higher risk of severe illness or flu complications” to get the vaccine. A population that would include:

  • Children between the ages of six months through five years
  • Adults aged 50 or older
  • Adults and children with chronic disease
  • Immunocompromised people
  • Women who are pregnant or expect to be pregnant during flu season
  • Kids and adolescents six months to 18 years who are at higher risk of flu-related Reye syndrome because of aspirin-containing medications
  • Anyone who lives in a long-term care facility
  • Native Americans/Alaska Natives
  • Extremely obese individuals (defined as having a body mass index [BMI] of 40 or higher)

So that leaves out, what… maybe 20 of us? Which, I imagine, is exactly the point.

But the vaccine campaign they’ve launched for kids might be what gets to me the most here. Because any child between six months and eight years old needs two doses of the vaccine—four weeks apart.

And that, folks, is tragic. Especially when you consider how we already load our children up with enough shots that they don’t really need.

Yet, guidelines still insist we introduce an unproven vaccine to the party—not once, but twice. Call me crazy, but I have some trouble with that.

Always make an informed decision

Let me be very clear here: I’m not anti-vax. But I am against vaccines that are useless and/or administered in an untimely manner.

There’s no certainty that the flu vaccine we create each year is even going to work—and 4 out of 5 years, we get it wrong. But hey, don’t let that stop anyone from manufacturing and selling hundreds of millions of vaccines!

You better believe someone is raking in some easy money from this hoax. Which would be bad enough even if there weren’t potential risks involved.

As I mentioned above, there are several different versions of the vaccine available. Explaining each one would be an exercise in medicalese, so just suffice it to say that some are safer than others, and certain people should avoid certain types.

But you can probably guess what’s actually going to happen. Some people are invariably going to be harmed by this vaccine, as even the ACIP admits there is an “uncertain but biologically plausible risk” for illness associated with it.

So, is it worth rolling the dice? I think you know my answer. But this is one choice you’re going to have to make on your own. And as always, it should be as informed as possible.

I almost never say this, but you can find additional information about this year’s flu vaccine on the CDC’s influenza website. And when you’re satisfied that you know all you need to know about it, I invite you to take a look at my seasonal flu prevention protocol.

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