Simple step burns fat for DAYS

As we just discussed yesterday, exercise is important for every aspect of your health—whether you’re combating a chronic disease or not.  

And now, an exciting new study shows how one simple step during your workout can even BOOST your metabolism and burn fat for DAYS.    

Here’s everything you need to know.  

Exercise can create a lasting effect  

Oregon State University researchers compared mitochondria activity at rest and 15 minutes post-exercise in a group of sedentary adults.  

(Mitochondria are the tiny organelles inside your cells that turn fat and sugar into energy. This fuel keeps your body running at the most basic level. In this study, researchers took muscle biopsies to analyze the participants’ mitochondrial activity).  

Study participants had an average age of 28, didn’t have any major pre-existing conditions, and had low fitness levels.  

They were asked to ride a stationary bike for one hour, at a light-to-moderate pace where they could comfortably carry a conversation.  

At the end of the study, researchers found that participants’ mitochondria burned up to 13 percent more fat-based fuel and up to 17 percent more sugar-based fuel after one hour of exercise.  

What’s more, these benefits continued for nearly two days.  

In other words, this one simple step—that is, occasionally pushing yourself a little harder—created a lasting metabolic effect 

(Spending more time exercising is one way to satisfy this step. Another is engaging in higher-intensity activity, like a Soul Cycle class, which is my personal favorite.) 

The benefits of daily exercise  

Of course, we all know how beneficial exercise is to good health. And this isn’t the first study to reveal how high levels of physical activity can translate to a better metabolism 

Not to mention, research has found that the heart health benefits of exercise are limitless. Meaning going the distance might translate to better cardiovascular health, too.  

But the key here is consistency. Because it isn’t until movement becomes a daily habit that the true, lasting health benefits kick in. 

That’s why I always recommend at least 150 minutes per week of exercise. (This is just over 20 minutes per day.) Biking, dancing, swimming, or even going for a brisk walk all count toward this goal.  

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