Simplify your diet and SLASH belly fat

Most folks want to simplify their lives… and that includes ditching confusing dietary advice.

And, as a reader, you already know how easy it is to eat healthy.

In fact, I’m always talking about Mediterranean-style diets. Both my A-List Diet and The Hamptons Diet books are based on this health-boosting, dietary plan.

And study after study highlights its overall health benefits.

Now, researchers found a simple tweak to this already simple way of eating can AMPLIFY its weight loss potential…

Slashing even more belly fat than ever.

Two tweaks, TWICE the reduction

In a new study, 300 participants with belly fat were randomly assigned to three diet groups:

  • Standard healthy dietary guidelines (HDG) (who knows what that means!)
  • Standard Mediterranean diet
  • “Green” Mediterranean diet

(They were also instructed to stay active.)

More specifically, those in both Mediterranean diet groups ate 28 grams (g) of walnuts each day, which provided them with around 440 milligrams (mg) of polyphenols.

Additionally, those in the “green” group limited their processed red meat consumption. They also consumed 100 g of a plant-based green shake and three to four cups of green tea daily—increasing their polyphenol consumption to about 800 mg/day.

Ultimately, both the “green” and standard Mediterranean diet groups achieved similar weight loss, compared to the HDG group. They lost an average of 13.5 and 11.8 pounds, respectively.

But—the “green” group experienced a greater reduction in waist circumference.

In fact, this plan lowered belly fat (visceral fat) by TWICE as much as the standard Mediterranean diet (14 percent vs. seven percent)!

All from making two simple tweaks: limiting processed red meat consumption and increasing intake of polyphenols.

Delicious diet offers dramatic changes

Now, the goal of any weight loss program is to reduce fat. And this “green” Mediterranean diet seems to accomplish just that.

I suppose this also adds to the growing evidence that a calorie is not just a calorie. The quality of the foods you eat is equally, if not more important than the quantity.

Not to mention, a 14 percent reduction in visceral fat is quite dramatic for making such simple changes to your diet and lifestyle.

The reason we pay so much attention to belly fat is because the accumulation indicates one is not metabolically fit. When that’s the case, you increase your risk of multiple diseases, including hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and more.

In other words, losing visceral fat is great for your appearance… but it’s also spectacular for your health.

And getting there with a simple, delicious plan like a Mediterranean-style diet couldn’t be easier—or more delicious. It all comes down to enjoying lean proteins, lots of vegetables, healthy fats (from nuts, avocados, and seeds), some whole grains, and seasonal, local fruit.

If you’d like to focus on your polyphenol intake, these antioxidant compounds are abundant in foods like olive oil, nuts, tea, dark chocolate, veggies, and more.


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