Snack attack

I don’t really subscribe to the whole “healthy snacking” mantra that pervades modern dieting advice. Mostly because, if you’re eating right in the first place, you won’t feel the need to snack.

That’s why I had to shake my head at the contents of a recent market research report I came across.

It’s called “Snacking in America.” And its findings feature a few choice gems.

Namely, that consumers with the healthiest diets snack twice as often as everyone else–with popular choices being pretzels, crackers, fruit, yogurt, and the ubiquitous “nutrition bar.”

Simply ridiculous.

Like I said, “healthy snacking” is little more than an oxymoron most of the time. Especially if those snacks include pretzels, “nutrition bars,” or yogurt, all of which tend to be packed with sugar.

Obviously, there are going to be times when you can’t sit down for a full meal. Maybe you’re traveling or your schedule just won’t allow you a break.

On these occasions, “snacking” might be the only way you get to eat.

That’s when I recommend keeping a handful of almonds or a few slices of cheese or turkey on hand. The fat and protein will curb your appetite until you get a chance to eat a real meal. And your blood sugar won’t be any higher for it.

No, it’s not ideal. But it’s light years better than a so-called “healthy” nutrition bar.

“Snacking in America 2012: Report,” NPD Group, issued 11/2012