Something Wicked This Way Comes…

And I don’t mean the Real Housewives of New York reunion episodes – Did you catch those? Even Andy Cohen lost it which if you watch his show, he showed the clip that didn’t make it onto the reunion episode where he dropped the f- bomb multiple times in an attempt to get those women to just shut up.  Well, the end of the season did that but not before my favorite line of the season was uttered by Kelly describing Alex (oh, and can we please not bring her back next season?) “You don’t unwind, you unravel.”

The wicked to which I refer in this week’s blog is again, not Kristen Chenowith or Idina Menzel; but rather frankenfoods.  With all the bounty that is available to us at this time of the year, why do people still go to a grocery store except for certain pantry staples? However, what I really did want to point out is that it is extremely confusing to know what the words: organic, natural or holistic even mean in today’s supermarket challenge.

And given the popularity of these words and the premium prices manufacturers can charge, you had better be sure you are getting what you pay for.  For me, I have a strict policy for eating this time of the year – I need to know the farm and all food that I eat comes from within 100 miles of where I am.  That goes for vegetables, meats, eggs, dairy, etc. I may not be eating 100% organic; but local is far more important because I feel we are a part of our environment and eating food from our own area must be inherently healthier for you.  There are studies to back this up – just saying.

What I did learn recently was that most farm raised salmon (since most wild Alaskan salmon has been fished out) are fed genetically modified corn (here’s the wicked part) – the corn is sterile and can’t reproduce and neither can the salmon.  I wonder what will happen to people who eat this type of salmon on a regular basis.

Do you know what else I wonder about? Why does every television show mentionJerseyShore? I know I mentioned this in last week’s rant (oh, I meant blog) but it happened again in a show that I thought would never stoop to that: Web Therapy.

This is a new Lisa Kudrow show on Showtime where she plays a psychologist who has three minute sessions via webcam only.  It’s an improvised show so for the most part there isn’t a script and the actors just play off each other within certain guidelines.  In this episode, Fiona Wallice (Lisa) is trying to raise money to take her idea more public; so, her investors unknowingly to Fiona, have a psychologist take a session and Fiona blurts out – How could you possibly know someone in 3 minutes? I guess you had to be there but it was quite funny as that is the whole premise of her “idea.”

Back to the wicked food story.  In April of this year, the state ofNew Jerseymade it illegal; yes, illegal for people to plant tomato seeds. You have to buy the GMO tomato plants from the same evil company that begins with an “M” that developed GMO soybean and corn.  I mean honestly, the butterfly that tries to pollenate the GMO corn plant dies – how good could these foods be for us?

And, is that part of the obesity problem? Not that I am giving any of you an excuse – don’t even think that; but, one has to wonder.  These GMO plants have been shown to damage the lining of our intestinal tracts leading to a leaky gut which leads to all sorts of negative health issues.  The chemical company said they were doing this to make us safer because bugs might get on the plant.

Wait a minute – don’t plants grow in the ground and might they not have bugs on them and isn’t that the whole reason we wash the foods before we eat them?  This is just a whole lot of crazy.

Speaking of crazy – what is up with Ashley on Real Housewives of New Jersey.  She had the nerve to be talking about priorities.  She doesn’t have a job; had her step-dad who she says can’t buy her love, buy her a car; sitting in a mansion complaining that she has her priorities in the right place.  Get a job; support yourself at least partially; get a life and then we’ll talk

Priorities are an important thing when it comes to health and nutrition.  Being healthy has to come first and we must make it a priority.  If we do that, then the likelihood of failing decreases significantly.  Think about making it a priority for the rest of the summer – I know for many it is vacation time; but can’t vacations be about having fun and not about gorging yourself on food – this isn’t ancient Rome (now there’s a show I miss)

This is a non-sequitor but it was too good a line not to share with all of you. I was listening to the radio driving back to the city when this song comes on and name the song and the artist and you will win any item from my on line store: “rain on my head call it brainstormin.”

Oh, and one more thing – Russian Dolls premiers this week.  Otherwise known as the real housewives of Brighton Beach– should be delicious.

Until next time…