Stay hip

Lean men can reduce their risk of hip fractures just by consuming more carotenoids. (These are the antioxidant-packed phytochemicals that give fruits and veggies their bright pigment.)

Researchers took a closer look at the link between dietary carotenoids and hip fracture risk in over 60,000 elderly Chinese men and women. The subjects represented a range of BMIs.

The study reported 1,630 hip fractures among these subjects, with the risk being higher among low BMI elderly men than women.

But among these same men, higher intake of carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables was linked to significantly lower fracture risk. And the association was especially strong when it came to beta-carotene consumption.

So again, the solution here is simple. Want scientifically proven bone protection? Fill up on sweet potatoes, spinach, and kale…no sketchy drugs necessary.

“OC12 Dietary carotenoids reduced hip fracture risk in lean men: the Singapore Chinese Health Study.” Osteoporos Int, Vol. 23 Suppl 7