Stop, you’re killing me!

It’s just too much. In one week, the FDA approves not just one, but TWO prescription diet pills! Yes folks, on the heels of Belviq, we’ve now got Qsymia.

And yes, in its announcement, the FDA claims, once again, that they approved this drug to solve a “major public health concern”–obesity.

But honestly, these new drugs are “major public health concerns” in their own right!

This new formulation combines an old stimulant drug with an epilepsy drug. And it took the FDA a few years to finally approve it. I’m sure you can guess why…

Because, once again, there are some potential significant side effects that have been associated with it. Those include:

  • Fast heart rate
  • Heart damage
  • Birth defects (though why a pregnant woman would ever take a diet pill is beyond me)
  • Metabolic acidosis. This condition is characterized by highly acidic blood. It can cause kidney stones and bone damage. And, in severe cases, it can put people in a coma and cause DEATH.

Good grief, what a trade-off!

You lose weight, but damage your heart, your bones, even risk death?

Add this one to the FDA’s long, sketchy history regarding diet pills.

Promise me you won’t even think once about taking Belviq or Qsymia. There’s simply no need to put yourself in danger. Not when you’ve got a simple, easy, risk-free way to lose weight with my New Hamptons Health Miracle.