Sugar for a low blood-sugar reaction?

Q. “What’s the best type of sugar to take when having a low blood sugar reaction? As a fairly well controlled Type 1 diabetic, I have frequent blood sugar lows. (The tighter my control the easier it is for me to end up with low glucose.) Because of this, I often consume 20 to 30 grams of high- glycemic foods to control the lower lows. So I am finding it hard to stay away from sugar completely.”

Dr. Fred:

My first piece of advice is to eat more protein throughout the day. That will make it easier to control your blood-sugar levels ongoing–and probably with less insulin and fewer low blood-sugar reactions, too. (So be sure to continue to monitor your levels regularly and work closely with your doctor.)

That’s why I usually tell my patients to grab a few nuts or a piece of cheese when having these types of reactions. And they tell me that this sugar-free strategy works just as well.

If you must take sugar, though, I would opt for berries or cranberry juice.