Sugar substitute damages DNA?

Our food supply is toxic.

That includes sugar substitutes that are supposed to be “safer” and “healthier.”

After all, any dietary chemical that you ingest is inherently dangerous on some level.

And now, research shows one of the most popular sugar substitutes can lead to genetic damage—essentially inviting disease IN.

Fractured DNA

It’s quite rare that a proclamation from the scientific community comes out as strongly as this one…

Stop eating sucralose.

It’s a chemical found in one of the most popular artificial sweeteners: Splenda. But it’s also used as an ingredient in many packaged foods and beverages.

And, as this research shows, it’s TOXIC to human health.

In fact, they found the chemical causes DNA to break apart.

You see, when we consume sucralose, our bodies produce a substance called sucralose-6-acetate, which is genotoxic. This means your cells become weak and damaged—making you more susceptible to disease.

Worse yet, after conducting in vitro experiments—exposing human blood cells to sucralose-6-acetate—researchers found the following…

An increased risk of leaky gut, where the lining of the intestines is worn down and becomes permeable. This leaves you vulnerable to autoimmune conditions, mood disorders, and certain diseases.

(Victims suffer from ongoing symptoms like painful digestion, diarrhea, gas, bloating, and more.)

And, notably, they discovered a strong link between sucralose-6-acetate and factors that increase risk of heart disease and cancer—like oxidative stress and inflammation.

No safe limit

Researchers also found that sucralose-6-acetate from off-the-shelf products are SO high, they exceed the safety levels currently allowed in Europe.

(Why am I not surprised that Europe has higher standards than the U.S.?)

Of course—research also suggests there’s actually no safe exposure to genotoxic substances, meaning we should AVOID them at all costs.

Yet somehow, some health experts state more research is needed… and continue to claim sucralose is SAFE.

They describe it as a low-calorie sugar substitute that’s 600 times sweeter than table sugar. It’s commonly used in low-sugar baked goods, beverages, chewing gum, gelatins, and frozen dairy desserts.

Wait just a minute here… an artificial sweetener is causing damage to our genetics—and it’s STILL being backed by our government?!

Do you know what else is 600 times sweeter than sugar? Stevia. A natural, non-chemical, all-natural sweetener that isn’t a toxin.

This is a classic case of ease and comfort over health. I just hope you, my dear reader, are smart enough to see the facts for what they really are.

Drop this nasty love affair with sucralose (and other dangerous artificial sweeteners).

Instead, if you must satisfy your sweet tooth, choose stevia or monk fruit—two sweeteners derived from plants that have no serious side effects linked to their purest forms. (Learn more here.)

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