Supercharge your CBD with one simple trick

I write pretty often about cannabidiol (CBD)—and there’s a good reason for it. As you know, this substance has changed the way I practice medicine. And it’s now one of my top recommendations for everything from chronic pain to anxiety relief—and perhaps even cognitive decline (as I’ll expose in the June issue of Logical Health Alternatives) 

In fact, many of my patients improve their health concerns dramatically with a little help from CBD. But there are still some who don’t experience the benefits they had hoped for.  

Which makes sense. Anything natural is going to be more variable than a prescription drug in terms of how it affects different people’s bodies. But I recently came across a study that shed some light on one factor that might make a big difference: Dietary fat.  

Let me explain… 

Fatty breakfast boosts absorption 

This study came from researchers at the University of Minnesota, and it looked at a Big Pharma designed CBD capsule geared toward epilepsy treatment.  

The goal was to examine how the body absorbs CBD. (Yes, in typical fashion, mainstream medicine is only now getting around to asking that question… despite CBD being FDA-approved for seizure patients back in 2018!)   

The scientists analyzed whether eating high-fat foods after taking CBD would boost absorption. To do so, they measured CBD concentrations in epilepsy patients taking pure CBD in capsule form. Then, they compared those concentrations among patients who took CBD on an empty stomach versus a standardized fatty breakfast.  

Ultimately, they found that CBD concentrations increased dramatically when patients took it with high fatty foods. In fact, compared to an empty stomach, CBD concentrations were four times higher (and as much as 14 times higher, in at least one case) when paired with the fatty breakfast.  

In other words, the type of food you eat really does make a difference! (Imagine that…) 

See what CBD can do for you 

I’m always preaching about how your diet choices affect how your body functions—and your overall health. And as I regularly discuss(good) fats are not the enemy. Which is exactly what this new research found! 

Clearly, a fatty meal made a major difference in the amount of CBD that got absorbed. And if you’re already following a healthy, balanced diet—like my A-List Diet—you’ll naturally be consuming good fats… from fish, avocadoes, and macadamia nut oil, to name a few sources. 

Of course, these researchers also raise the issue of variability, since fatty foods increase absorption, and not all meals contain the same amount of fat.  

Call me crazy, but that doesn’t seem like such a big conundrum: Throw the CBD into an oil and voila—you have standardization. (This is another reason why I often recommend a combination of different forms of CBD—capsules, balms, and oil. And with CBD oil, you determine the right dose for you.) 

So, if you’re suffering from painanxietysleeplessness, or anything in between… I recommend giving CBD a try, even just to see what the buzz is all about. Add it to your daily regimen, alongside a healthy meal. Because when it comes to this natural substance, at least in my opinion, the possibilities are endless.  

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