Supposedly shocking news on type 2 diabetes

Here’s some “shocking” news: White rice consumption was associated with a significantly elevated risk for type 2 diabetes. In fact, each serving per day of white rice was associated with an 11% increase in the risk of diabetes.

Really? Was anyone surprised by that revelation?

Here’s another “shocker”: consumption of a greater quantity and variety of fruits and vegetables could slash the risk of diabetes by 21%.

I don’t think either of these studies comes as a shock, but I did actually learn a few things from some of the details…

In the U.S., the total cost of fighting diabetes is $174 billion with $116 billion going to the pharmaceutical companies.

Isn’t that interesting?

When a group with that much power is making that much money from just one disease, no wonder there’s no incentive for the mainstream medical system to invest more effort into giving the public more access to more healthy fruits and vegetables and training on how to eat healthy. It’s downright sad. And it’s even sadder when you consider the fact that the foods that cause diabetes, like sugar, wheat, and rice are cheap because they are subsidized but the government.

Here’s another interesting point from the veggie and fruit study…

Variety matters.

Researchers found that the higher the variety of fruits and vegetables eaten (independent of the overall quantity), the lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. And that makes perfect sense. There are many different phytonutrients in fruits and veggies and many of them are found in one vegetable or fruit and not another.

But here’s the best detail of this study you won’t hear about anywhere else…

The quantity of vegetable intake, but not fruit, was inversely proportional with type 2 diabetes.

Which simply means, the more vegetables you eat, the less diabetes. It was the vegetables and not the fruit that reduced diabetes risk. So, if you’re one of those who still think eating a lot of fruit is good for you, think again. This is another reason why my New Hamptons Health Miracle leans toward vegetables and only the lower-sugar fruit (like berries and melons).

Of course, let’s be honest…no one likes to hear, “eat more vegetables.” And it’s no wonder…most vegetables in the grocery store aren’t tasty and they’re not processed to be. This is why I recommend local, fresh produce when you can get it–as they’ll contain more natural, fresh flavor.

You also have to learn how to cook your veggies so they maintain their flavor and their health benefits. Overcooking them will destroy many of the phytonutrients that make them so healthy for us. (See my past article in the Reality Health Check on Cooked or Raw Veggies for more on how to cook your veggies.)

I have always thought that if you can get people to eat vegetables that taste good, they would. That, and having them not be so expensive would be a miracle. Our government has to start subsidizing foods that are good for us. Hopefully in my lifetime.

I am happy these studies are coming out, but it’s high time we do something about the findings–otherwise, why waste the money?