Take a field trip

By October, a lot of local farmers’ markets have closed for the season. You’ll still find the ones selling apples and pumpkins… and that sugary cider… but when you’re watching blood sugar, the best thing you can do is to keep on driving. The simple carbohydrates in pumpkins and apples make them a dietary disaster.

Luckily, even without farmers’ markets, you still have options when it comes to finding good-quality vegetables and fruits–including organic ones.

Many cities have large markets that cater exclusively to people who prefer organic foods. It’s a splurge, I know… but the quality is well worth it. And often, the produce is locally grown, so quality and nutrition level are optimal.

But even big supermarket chains are doing a good job of expanding their organic sections. I’ve noticed, over the years, the quality of their organic produce has improved significantly. Keep in mind, though, that this is often not locally grown produce, so the nutrient level suffers with trucking time.

Take a field trip… hunt out the markets that offer high-quality foods. Look for those stores that stock fresh produce, cage-free eggs, free-range meats and give them your business during the farmers’ market off-season.