Ten minutes to a better mood and sharper mind

Yesterday, we talked about how simply moving around for five minutes every hour could help you shake off the potentially disastrous effects of pandemic inactivity.  

But if you want to get even more bang for your buck, you might want to consider running for ten minutes.  

Because new research shows that’s all it takes to give your mood and your mental function a noticeable boost… 

Energize your mind in minutes 

As part of this latest study, researchers evaluated blood flow to the brain while subjects completed the Stroop Color-Word Test—a standardized assessment for executive cognitive function.  

This test challenges subjects to filter out incongruent information. (If the word “red” is written in green, for example, they are asked to name the color rather than reading the word.)  

Well, after just ten minutes of moderate-intensity running, subjects were able to complete these Stroop test challenges more quickly. The researchers also noted a significant increase in brain activation and blood flow to the prefrontal cortex (the portion of the brain linked to mood regulation and executive function).  

So it’s no surprise that subjects also reported feeling happier after running, too… suggesting that just a ten-minute jog is enough to shake off brain fog, energize your mind, and elevate your mood.    

Brain health can be a walk in the park 

This is yet another example of how even the smallest investments of time can deliver big benefits. That said, I also realize that ten minutes of running may not be something that everyone is physically able to do.  

So, I’m happy to report that there are a lot of other activities that offer equally powerful benefits to your brain. Most of which are arguably more enjoyable than running. 

In fact, I devoted an entire article in the latest January issue of my monthly newsletter, Logical Health Alternatives, to this very topic: Simple, fun ways to “exercise” your brain in the new year—from board games to dancing, and everything in between.  

Because while there may not be a bona fide cure for cognitive decline, preventing it really can be a literal walk in the park. So if you’re not yet a subscriber, do yourself a favor and sign up today 

New Year’s resolutions don’t get more enjoyable—or more important—than this.


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