Thanks for T memories

If you’ve been a reader of mine for a while, then you’ll recall that I’m a big fan of testosterone replacement. You probably also recall that I don’t just recommend it for men.

The fact is, women have just as much to gain from addressing low T–including a sharper mind after menopause, according to one recent double-blind study.

A team of Australian researchers randomly assigned one of two treatments to 92 healthy postmenopausal women for six months. One group received a daily dose of testosterone gel applied to their upper arm. The other group received a placebo gel.

Researchers assessed the subjects’ cognitive function with a battery of tests before the study, mid-way through, and at the end of the study. And they observed no significant differences between either group before the treatments started.

But results after 26 weeks told a different story. The women treated with testosterone showed significant improvements in both verbal learning and memory–that is, how easily they were able to recall words from a list.

Do I need to explain why this finding is so important? Probably not. Let’s just say they don’t call them “senior moments” for nothing. So I think these results speak for themselves.

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