This will be my last blog before the holiday and before I begin my rant, I would like to just say that I hope the holiday brings you much joy and not too many extra pounds. And if you do overeat, do not do your #blackfriday shopping on-line. Get out there and pound the pavements, competitively knock someone down in the aisles at Target – or just go to the gym.

As for me, I will be doing a little giving of my own. I will be spending ten days in Montserrat seeing patients and working at the hospital.  They have very little in terms of diabetic expertise and diets and healthy lifestyles are right up my alley as is basking in some warmer temperatures so it works out well for everyone.

I have much to be thankful for this year as in most years.  I am blessed with abundance.  I have an amazing group of people that I work with – both my staff at the office as well as the staff who runs the news letter.

I have wonderful patients who I care deeply about and who are always a constant source of inspiration and they help make me a better doctor because I won’t let them down.

Whenever a tragedy such as Sandy strikes, the true nature of people come out and it was refreshing to see how tough, how resourceful and how dedicated people were to keeping this city of ours functioning, taking in strays (me included)  and people helping each other.  Think about how good that makes you feel when you are able to help those in need.

So, while you eat your turkey, dressing, vegetables, etc. and there is a lot of etc. that I am not going to discuss, be thankful for the bounty that you are feasting upon and the joy that those friends and family around the table bring you.  #hallmarkmomentanyone

But, let’s not forget about the giving part of this holiday for those that are way less fortunate than ourselves. Those still without power or homes or heat.  Try to remember them. There is so much to be done in places like Far Rockaway orSeasideHeights. It may not be the same beach where I will be spending my Thanksgiving but it’s the same meaning and the same ocean.

Until next time….