The asthma/cavity connection your dentist won’t warn you about

This week I told you about a new study that shows vitamin D dramatically cuts the number of serious asthma attacks, even at low doses. I’ve known for years that vitamin D is essential for asthma sufferers. In fact, that’s why I made it’s one of the cornerstones of my book The Allergy and Asthma Cure.

Well I just came across a study that highlights yet another reason we should be looking for safe, natural ways to keep asthma at bay: Conventional asthma treatments up kids’ risk of developing cavities. By a lot.

In the study, researchers compared the dental health of kids using inhalers against those who didn’t. What they found was stunning. Kids who used inhalers had more than 6 times greater odds of developing cavities than those who didn’t.

Seems like an unlikely connection, doesn’t it? Well maybe not, if you consider the fact that some inhalers contain sugar to make the medicine they deliver more palatable. Obviously sugar is bad for teeth. But let’s not forget the fact that it also leads to inflammation, something all asthmatics should be vigilant about avoiding.

If you or your kids have asthma, I urge you to read my book and learn about my natural plan that will help you not just treat asthma symptoms, but free yourself from inhalers for good.


Chellaih P, Sivadas G, Chintu S, Vaishnavi Vedam VK, Arunachalam R, Sarsu M. Effect of anti-asthmatic drugs on dental health: A comparative study. J Pharm Bioallied Sci. 2016;8(Suppl 1):S77-S80.