The “berry” best way to protect your eyesight

As we age, many things stop working as well as they once did. 

By far, one of the most frustrating natural declines we face is our eyesight. 

Vision loss makes it difficult to read the fine print… sign your grandson’s birthday card… see road signs…   

And in the worst of cases, it can rob you of your independence. This is especially true for those suffering from age-related macular degeneration (AMD).  

AMD is estimated to affect more than 11 million Americans and nearly 170 people worldwide. Plus, the condition is irreversible.  

That’s why prevention is key. 

Which brings me to a recent analysis where researchers uncovered how an unconventional berry could be the key to protecting your eyesight… 

Goji berries combat AMD  

I never hopped aboard the goji berry bandwagon.  

While I don’t have questions about their safety, I just haven’t seen much clinical evidence to support their consistent use or consumption. 

But since many of you do enjoy these berries—and/or take them in supplement form—I thought I’d share the results of a small-but-promising study. 

According to a randomized trial out of the University of California-Davis (they do some really great work in our field of science), regularly enjoying goji berries can ward off AMD.  

Researchers analyzed 13 healthy adults between the ages of 45 and 65 who consumed 28 grams (g) of goji berries—that’s about one ounce, or a handful—five times a week for 90 days. They were compared to a control group of 14 healthy adults taking a common eye health supplement.  

Ultimately, researchers observed an increase in the density of protective pigments in the goji berry group, but not the control group. 

More specifically, lutein and zeaxanthin increased among the goji berry group. And this makes sense, as science shows these pigments filter out harmful blue light and provide antioxidant protection. (Two important aspects of healthy, aging eyes.) 

In fact, the lead author Xiang Li said: “The higher the lutein and zeaxanthin in your retina, the more protection you have. Our study found that even in normal healthy eyes, these optical pigments can be increased with a small daily serving of goji berries.” 

Prevention is key 

To me, the exciting part of this research was the fact that the effect was shown in younger people—which aligns perfectly with my stance on healthcare: aim to prevent something before it happens. 

And nowadays, people are exposed to much higher levels of blue light at an earlier age, with computers, tablets, smart phones, televisions, and more. So, recognizing the threat of AMD—along with simple prevention strategies—is key. 

I’ve reported before on how dietary choices can influence your risk of AMD. And now, this study suggests adding goji berries to your healthy diet could offer protection. 

In fact, this research suggests the berry may be more beneficial than common vision supplements that contain lutein, zeaxanthin, and more. (That’s likely because the zeaxanthin in goji berries is highly bioavailable versus supplement form.) 

Goji berries are the fruit of Lycium chinense and Lycrium barbarum—two species of shrubby bushes found in northwest China. As such, the dried berries are a common ingredient in Chinese soups and herbal teas.  

But you can take advantage of them no matter where you live. Keep an eye out for them in your local grocery store or farmer’s market. (Many people even eat them as a snack. They’re similar to raisins. They also make a great addition to a freshly tossed salad.) 

At the end of the day, the cause of AMD is complex and involves a mix of genetic risks, age-related changes, and environmental factors.  

That’s why I recommend getting your eyes examined regularly… and especially if you have a family history of this disease. Then, take preventative measures, including following a healthy diet and wearing sunglasses year-round.  

For more natural strategies to prevent eye disease, stop vision loss, and enjoy crystal clear eyesight for life, I recommend my Ageless Vision Protocol. To learn more about this comprehensive, online learning tool, or to enroll today, click here now! 


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