The best way to indulge this Valentine’s Day

This weekend is Valentine’s Day. And, of course, Valentine’s Day and chocolate are pretty much inseparable…But that doesn’t mean you have to go for the big old, cheesy heart-shaped box.

I mean, I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to indulge, I’d rather get some of chocolate’s major health benefits from it.

Of course, I’ve told you before that chocolate can be good for you. But you may not realize just HOW good. The cutesy headlines touting chocolate as a “health food” only offer a glimpse into its true potential.

For instance, in one clinical trial a high dose of chocolate significantly improved blood vessel function and blood flow after just 2 hours.

In another study, smelling chocolate was correlated with reduced levels of ghrelin, the body’s hunger hormone. In other words, just the scent of chocolate can help curb appetite. In fact, people who eat chocolate on a daily basis can reduce the amount of food they eat at meals — and in-between meal snacks — according to one neuroscientist who has conducted in-depth research on chocolate’s effects on weight.

Chocolate is also a powerful nerve soother. When scientists studied its effects on mood, they found people in the “high-dose” chocolate group reported feeling calmer and more content.

And here’s something especially interesting about chocolate’s effects…one trial showed people over the age of 50 actually experienced better results than younger subjects. In other words, the older you are, the better chocolate works! (Believe me, that’s not a claim many other things can make!)

Unfortunately, you won’t get ANY of that from a candy store Valentine’s Day display, loaded with commercial brands of chocolate that have been processed into sugar-laden monstrosities.

But you WILL get it in my CocoaLogic formula. It contains the purest form of chocolate, which is one of the world’s strongest superfoods. In fact, it contains three times more antioxidant flavanols than pomegranates, blueberries, or acai.

And believe me, it’s every bit as decadent as any chocolate truffle you’ve ever tried. Plus, CocoaLogic is one indulgence you can — and should — make every day.

I mix mine with plain water and it still satisfies my toughest chocolate cravings. But my patients have come up with all sorts of amazing ways to indulge…

Try mixing a scoop of CocoaLogic with 8 ounces of cold almond milk for “chocolate milk” that’s better than anything you had as a kid.

Or skip the expensive “mochaccinos” (and the sugar crashes and caffeine jitters that come with them), and whip up your own by adding a scoop of CocoaLogic to chilled, organic black coffee. Just add ice and mix on high in your blender.

With a little creativity, the options are endless. (And if you have a different way to enjoy CocoaLogic, let me know! I’d love to share it with my patients — and other readers. Just email me at

So this year, pass on that tacky heart shaped box of chocolates and start a new tradition — one that actually loves your body back.