The blood pressure “magic bullet” Big Pharma can’t match

Magnesium isn’t the sexiest supplement on the market. But considering sodium has become the sacrificial lamb in the war on high blood pressure, it’s time this oldie-but-goodie got a little more attention. Because the fact is, the science on the role of salt reduction in heart health is contradictory, at best. But the science behind magnesium’s role in the management of hypertension?

Well, it’s pretty impressive, to say the least.

Take a look: A recent meta-analysis published in the journal Hypertension reviewed the results of nearly 35 different randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials. (The gold standard when it comes to study designs.)

The research featured more than 2,000 participants, with both normal and high blood pressure, between the ages of 18 and 84. Roughly half took magnesium supplements (at a median dose of 368 mg daily). The other half received a placebo.

And surprise, surprise. Magnesium supplementation proved effective at lowering both systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels — those are the top and bottom numbers, respectively — by nearly two points each.

Not that this is a surprise to me, of course. Or to you, if you’ve been reading this newsletter, or my Reality Health Check e-letter for a while. I’ve been recommending magnesium supplements for heart health for years. And results like this are one major reason why.

There are a lot of different types of magnesium on the market, and dosages vary widely according to which you take. The ones I prefer for heart protection are the orotate and taurate versions. (Magnesium citrate is good to loosen your bowels, but it won’t do anything for your heart health.) Chelated magnesium is also acceptable.

I usually recommend 32 mg of magnesium orotate or 125 mg of magnesium taurate per day.

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