The brain-boosting nutrient that stops Alzheimer’s before it starts

You may have noticed that Big Pharma’s contributions to the fight against Alzheimer’s and dementia are notably meager. For one, the few memory drugs that are on the market are expensive and don’t even work that well. Not to mention, they haven’t made any major treatment “breakthroughs” in years.

And if you ask me, perhaps it’s better that the mainstream keeps their hands out of the cookie jar on this one. Because in my clinical experience, supplements do a much better job — for less money — any day of the week.

This is particularly true of choline — an all-natural nutrient, and one of my top go-to recommendations for brain protection.

Choline is an essential nutrient that all of your cells require to maintain their structure. It plays an important role in your gene expression regulation. Your body also uses it to generate acetylcholine — a neurotransmitter with roles in memory, mood, and muscle control.

In fact, I’ve been so impressed with the research on choline and memory that I insisted on including this ingredient in both of my brain health formulas. I get pretty excited when new studies come along. (And of course, I’m going to share all the latest with my readers!)

Sure, this study is only with mice, but as you’ll see, the implications couldn’t be more important…

Protection that spans generations

First, a little background: One way that choline protects you against Alzheimer’s disease is by lowering levels of homocysteine.

This amino acid is most often recognized as a hazard to your heart. But as I’ve explained here before, it’s also toxic to your brain, causing brain shrinkage and amyloid plaque formation. In fact, homocysteine doubles your risk of winding up with Alzheimer’s, and is almost always elevated in patients with the disease.

But that’s where choline steps in. This nutrient is able to convert homocysteine into a different chemical, methionine, which can actually help your brain. (And your heart, but that’s a whole different conversation I’ll save for another Reality Health Check…)

Choline also reduces microglial activation. Microglia are the cells that help clear brain debris — an important task, but one that, in excess, can also trigger inflammation and brain cell death.

Both of these benefits make choline uniquely powerful against cognitive decline. But this latest research suggests that the protection goes even further than that!

Specifically, scientists found that when they fed mice high levels of dietary choline, their offspring also benefitted — showing sharper spatial memory than the offspring of mice that ate normal amounts of choline.

In other words, the results spanned generations. Mice receiving choline during gestation and lactation received the most brain benefits. And those benefits extended to their offspring, too — not because they received any choline directly, but because they inherited brain-boosting genetic changes from their parents.

This is pretty cool epigenetic stuff, if you ask me. So you can see why I wanted to share it with you, despite the research not being in humans.

Shifting the future of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease sets off a wave of destruction that starts decades before noticeable symptoms — like confusion, memory issues, personality changes, and loss of motor control — ever set in.

And over the next 40 years, experts predict that more than 13 million Americans will develop Alzheimer’s. That’s a pretty grim projection, if we don’t do something now to stem the tide.

Needless to say, if the above results hold true for humans, they could go a long way toward lowering these numbers. And as history shows us, there’s good reason to believe that they do…

Consider what we’ve learned from the severe Dutch Hunger Winter famine that affected Dutch pregnant women between 1944 and 1945. Recent analysis suggests that this severe deprivation raised rates of obesity, high cholesterol, even schizophrenia in these mothers’ offspring.

In fact, mortality over the age of 68 shot up by ten percent among this generation. And presumably, it’s due to epigenetic changes — the same phenomenon that benefited the mice in the research I shared above.

And all it took was one simple dietary change.

Of course, I’ve mentioned before how powerful my A-List Diet is for Alzheimer’s prevention. Not least of all because it encourages you to eat plenty of high-choline foods. (Beef, liver, egg yolks, and dairy are some of your best sources, to name a few.)

But as I mentioned earlier, supplementation is both safe and inexpensive. And does at least as much — if not a whole lot more — than the useless memory drugs currently wasting shelf space in the market. I recommend 80 to 150 mg of choline per day.

P.S. In addition to choline, there are many other supplements, as well as dietary and lifestyle changes, to armor you against Alzheimer’s. So much so, that I’ve actually developed an all-natural plan to protect and restore memory, strengthen focus, and build a bigger, brighter brain — starting today. It’s my Drug-Free Protocol for Reversing Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Click here to learn more about this online learning tool, or sign up today.


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