The deadly diabetes risk skyrocketing heart attack risk by 60%

I talk about heart disease on a regular basis. And I talk about diabetes even more frequently. But the truth is, these two diseases go hand-in-hand. And yet another study confirms this deadly association.

The study, done at the University of Leicester’s Diabetes Research Centre, actually pinpointed a clear link between increased risk of cardiovascular events and a specific aspect of diabetes I’ve mentioned before: hypoglycemia.

The researchers demonstrated that following a bout of hypoglycemia, insulin-treated diabetic patients have a 60% higher risk of cardiovascular events.

Even scarier? These same patients are also twice as likely to die as patients who don’t experience hypoglycemia.

Basically, the results of this study show that hypoglycemia, which occurs when a patient’s blood glucose becomes dangerously low, can trigger potentially fatal cardiovascular events.

If you’re diabetic, the key is to control your blood sugar so that it doesn’t swing too high OR too low. … something my Hamptons Diet is brilliant at helping people do. But you can read more about how to avoid potentially deadly bouts of hypoglycemia by referring back to the article “When it comes to blood sugar, lower isn’t always better,” from the August 2013 issue of my Logical Health Alternatives newsletter. Subscribers can access this article for free from the Archives by logging on to my website.


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