The diabetes “paradigm shift” that’s two decades too late

I came across the following headline recently, and I just had to laugh:

“Type 2 diabetes is reversible — study findings mark a paradigm shift.”

I mean, they’re joking, right? Reversing diabetes is exactly what I’ve been doing for over 20 years. So I don’t know why this study would surprise anyone except the American Diabetes Association. Of course, they have a lot to lose by shifting the paradigm they’ve created with Big Pharma: The ADA gives you terrible dietary recommendations. Following these guidelines keeps you on medications. And the pharmaceutical companies — and their ADA bedfellows – continue to rake in the cash.

It’s a win-win for them.

So no doubt this new British study will fall on deaf ears where our so-called “experts” are concerned. Still, let’s take a look at its “paradigm shifting” findings, shall we?

The Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT) was a charity-funded research project conducted in the UK. (Hardly surprising.) And the idea was to see if an eight-week weight loss program featuring a strict low-calorie diet could restore diabetic blood sugar levels back to normal.

Results revealed a lasting remission — that is, normal blood sugar levels for at least six months — in 40 percent of subjects who followed the program.

These results don’t shock me one bit. Despite the fact that they fly in the face of what the reporter called “a widely held belief that type 2 diabetes is an irreversible chronic condition.”

Whose “widely held belief” is this, exactly? I mean, if you gain too much weight, you get diabetes. If you lose that weight… logic will tell you what happens next. Yet as usual, convention runs counter to common sense.

And what world are these people living in, anyway? Because in mine, I’ve been able to help thousands of patients — maybe more, when you factor in my books, newsletters, TV appearances, and Metabolic Repair Protocol — to lose weight and, yes, reverse their diabetes.

And Dr. Atkins did the same for decades before me. Can you imagine how many more people could have been saved if the mainstream wasn’t so bent on dismissing us as “fringe”?

I’ll tell you one thing. If the medical profession took their heads out of the sand long enough to listen to real patients instead of spouting off stale dogma, we probably wouldn’t be in the middle of the largest diabetes epidemic in history.

The only reason we’ve reached a crisis in the first place is because the government has stubbornly stuck to its same old story, even with the facts staring them in the face.

They’ve told you to eat tons of grains per day. They’ve told you that fat is bad for you. They’ve grossly misled the public for decades…and this diabetes epidemic is the direct result of that misinformation.

And it’s come at an immense cost. Nearly 10 percent of the U.S. population is affected by diabetes. And it cost our country more than $300 million in 2012 alone. (To say nothing of the personal price tag — in the form of blindness, amputation, and early heart disease.)

All because public health authorities have failed to help people eat healthy and lose weight. Even now, after admitting diabetes is reversible through weight loss, they’re still completely missing the point.

The fact is, you don’t have to go on a “very low calorie” starvation diet to achieve these results.

How’s THAT for a paradigm shift?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: We’ve eaten ourselves into the current diabetes epidemic. And we can eat ourselves out of it, too — while enjoying every delicious bite along the way.

To find out how, I encourage you to check out my Metabolic Repair Protocol.

As I mentioned above, it’s what I use in my own practice to help my patients lose weight, rein in their blood sugar, and reverse diabetes — without starving themselves.