The easiest way to avoid a deadly cancer diagnosis

I’m on a roll with diets this week—and I’m going to keep the discussion going today, beginning with one vitally important point.

There aren’t enough drugs or nutritional supplements in the world to heal what ails you if you don’t correct your diet. Because the fact is, the food you eat forms the cornerstone of your health. And you have to get it right.

This is exactly what I tell my patients, every single day. But sometimes, statistics speak louder than words…

Poor diet, deadly consequences

New research shows that more than 80,000 new cancer cases were attributable to poor nutrition—and that’s just in 2015 alone. Plus, this number accounts for more than five percent of all invasive cancers in adults that year.

All because people didn’t eat their veggies… and couldn’t put down the sugary soda.

Out of those 80,000 cancer cases, nearly 67,500 were directly attributable to poor dietary choices. And more than 12,500 were attributable to obesity—which, as you know by now, is the chief byproduct of poor dietary choices.

Colorectal cancer was the most strongly linked to poor diet, accounting for close to 40 percent of these diet-associated diagnoses. But cancers of the mouth, pharynx, and larynx were a close second, comprising more than 25 percent of cases.

At the end of the day, these numbers are comparable to the damage you’ll see from alcohol intake, which contributes to as many as six percent of all cancers. And they’re almost as high as the cancer burden you see from obesity—which accounts for as many as eight percent of diagnoses.

Meanwhile, a sedentary lifestyle is responsible for up to three percent of all cancers. The sum total of which, in the end, points to a perfectly preventable perfect storm where disease risk is concerned.

One that simple lifestyle changes—drinking less alcohol, choosing fresh, whole foods, maintaining a healthy body weight, and exercising regularly—can decrease by almost 20 percent. I don’t know about you, but I will take those odds in a heartbeat.

Make the change today

Maybe I’m beating a dead horse here. But actual human lives are at stake, and if it takes a squeaky wheel to get some oil, then I plan to screech as loud—and as often—as possible.

Because just imagine if our government was gutsy enough to take on big businesses for a change. To look at the population impact of our national obsession with junk food. And to actually consider the money-saving and life-saving benefits of a sincere rehaul of nutrition policies.

Granted, this would be a huge undertaking. One that would require sweeping changes in healthcare as we know it.

Nutritional counseling would have to be commonplace, for one—but we’d also have to start incentivizing healthy food consumption. (And, you know, actually educating the public as to what it entails.)

It would also mean changes to our current food pricing system, tighter regulations on food labeling, and higher standards placed on government food purchases, school lunches, and restaurant meals, too.

Yet, the heads at the top remain buried in the sand. Even as studies exposing lifestyle—and the ultra-processed, nutrient-devoid Standard American Diet in particular—as a key driver of not just obesity, but of cancer (and a whole host of other chronic and lethal diseases), too.

How many more people have to die?

Something clearly has to change. So, as a doctor with 30 years of successfully treating cancer patients under my belt, let me offer you a piece of advice…

Check out my Essential Cancer Protocol. This innovative learning tool walks you through the best diet to prevent, fight, and even reverse cancer, plus other research-supported ways to combat this dreaded diagnosis using strategies that won’t destroy your quality of life in the process.

It’s information you can’t afford to face cancer without. So if you haven’t yet, enroll today—and avoid becoming a statistic tomorrow.

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