The FDA’s latest warning is pure hypocrisy

It seems to me that we’re entering into an era where methodologies and thoughts that don’t fit into a neat little box are increasingly coming under attack.

If it continues, I fear that healthcare freedom may soon be a thing of the past. And that means my patients and readers may soon lose access to logical alternatives to mainstream treatment options.

There are a lot of things happening behind the scenes that I’m not at liberty to talk about. But today, I want to discuss one very public outrage. And that’s the FDA insisting that thermography shouldn’t be used in place of mammography when screening for or diagnosing breast cancer.

No screening tool is foolproof

In case you’re not familiar, let me take a minute to explain how thermography (also known as digital infrared imaging) works. Simply put, it uses a device with a special infrared camera that generates images called thermograms.

These images show heat and circulation patterns on the surface of the body. And because even the earliest tumors present themselves with abnormal blood vessel activity, thermograms can be a helpful detection tool.

Currently, the FDA has no issues with this (totally safe) procedure, as long as doctors only use it alongside other screening methods—namely, mammography. In other words, they don’t endorse thermography as a stand-alone screening method.

To which I say, fine. But of course, they have to go and take things a step further, issuing an official warning about thermography. And here’s the news that they’ve chosen to focus on…

Good Morning America aired a report this past February, sharing the stories of two women with breast cancer that thermography missed. Tragically, one of these women died after results indicated there was no disease.

There is no argument that this is a horrible inaccuracy. But how many lethal breast cancers are missed by mammography? Plenty.

A lot of women with dense breasts need sonograms in order to pick up tumors that mammography won’t. And then, of course, there are MRIs—which I always recommend, because they don’t use radiation and are much more sensitive. (But for whatever reason, doctors won’t order them unless you’ve had a mammogram first.)

I discussed these options in more detail back in the August 2013 issue of Logical Health Alternatives (“A safer way to navigate the “brave new world” of breast cancer screening”). Not a subscriber? Now’s the perfect time to get started. Click here now!

These are just two examples of mammography’s shortcomings. And yet, you don’t hear the FDA labeling mammograms as dangerous, or even deficient. (Even though both shoes certainly fit.)

Set up to be knocked down

The FDA’s latest warning may sound harmless. But this is how it starts, folks.

Let me be clear: I’m not an advocate for thermography—my knowledge on the subject is rather limited, and I don’t routinely recommend it.  I’m also not advocating that you don’t get a mammogram.

But what I do know is that the FDA is acting as if thermography is some unvetted medical procedure that will kill you. Even though its risks are no different than those of a mammogram.

I’m all for avoiding false claims, and being upfront about thermography’s limitations.  But I’m also fiercely in favor of freedom in healthcare. And it infuriates me to see the FDA sitting on their high horse and claiming that (and I quote):

“Mammography is the most safe and effective tool for screening and diagnosis of breast cancer, and the only method proven to increase the chance of survival through earlier detection.”

You know what? That is a bold-faced lie. And I have the patients to prove it.

Whether or not you believe in thermography as a diagnostic tool, women have the right to choose radiation-free alternatives to mammography if they wish. But just like that, the choice could be taken from you, and healthcare professionals will be forced to stop offering the service.

That’s why it’s so important to fight…to hound your legislators until they promise to protect your healthcare freedoms. And to pay close attention to who you’re electing into office.

Because trust me…we’re being set up to be knocked down. In a few years’ time, I may not even be able to speak openly, and that thought alone scares me.

It should scare you, too. These are treacherous times for freedoms of any kind. And the current trend toward their removal threatens everyone, regardless of political status.

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