The great DRUG debate (shocking!)

I don’t often talk about drugs in this space, especially new ones.

That’s because I firmly believe that new drugs are never innocent, or to be trusted, until YEARS of use. After all, that’s when you’ll first start to see the dangerous side effects.

Well, it looks like I might actually have an exception to that rule…

Two drugs make a BIG splash

There are two drugs that I haven’t been able to stop prescribing recently…

Semaglutide (the active ingredient in Ozempic® and Wegovy®) and tirzepatide (MounjaroTM).

In case you haven’t been tuned in to the media lately, these two drugs have changed the conversation about weight loss and diabetes here in the U.S., if not globally.

They were both developed for Type 2 diabetes. But they also have a shared common side effect… weight loss.

It’s for this very reason that I started prescribing them to my patients who have struggled with consistently sticking to a healthy, balanced diet.


Because I have witnessed the drugs help do the unthinkable… change metabolic health metrics with very little effort. Most importantly, appetites “normalize” and, therefore, blood sugar and weight begin to stabilize.

All of my patients have thrived under my careful guidance of these drugs with very few, if any, side effects. In fact, I’ve had patients successfully be able to come OFF their other medications for diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

And in my eyes, taking care of so many health issues with just one drug is game-changing. A true breakthrough.

Of course, I still reiterate the importance of following a healthy, balanced diet and getting regular exercise—those will always be my TOP recommendations for improving metabolic health.

These drugs simply help those who struggle the most to reach the mountaintop a bit faster. And, hey, that means they can start enjoying better health quicker… and for longer.

Something suspicious is brewing

Now, the media (who I despise more and more each day) can’t get enough of these drugs. But, as always, their messages are conflicting…

They’re either RAVING about the drugs and their successes—so much so that the drugs have become next to impossible for real life patients to get their hands on (thanks, celebrities)…

Or honing in on potential ill-effects, like “Ozempic face.” In fact, that the European Union and agencies around the world are actually calling to rethink the approval of these drugs over a few cases.

While erratic and irrational behavior is something I expect from governmental regulatory agencies, this level of scrutiny seems suspicious… especially when we have popular drugs prescribed to millions of patients without an end in sight with proven detrimental health effects or limited benefit. (Statins and opioids, anyone?)

While I have no concrete data to back up these thoughts, this is what I believe to be happening…

Other drug companies are scared and have called their friends in the media to send out negative messaging to discourage consumers from wanting these (breakthrough) drugs. Just think about it…

If I were the CEO of a company that didn’t have or make a blockbuster drug (and with nothing in the pipeline), I would be seriously worried. Because losing weight wipes out the need for MANY medications—statins and high blood pressure are just two. So why wouldn’t they want to ruin the reputation of a new wonder drug?

I know, I know. You’re thinking this is far-fetched, conspiracy stuff. But this HAS happened before in the medical community. (Just do some research into Synthroid.) And I believe it will KEEP happening.

And while you may be surprised to read today’s Reality Health Check, please remember that I’m by no means a shill for Big Pharma. But I am a firm believer in standing behind what helps you become the best version of yourself.

So far, in my experience, these drugs work. And given the fact that most of America is obese and sick thanks to how badly we eat?

Well, I think they’re just what we need to help patients bridge the gap between the ill-effects of the Standard American Diet, “sitting disease,” and overall good health.

For additional ways to improve your metabolic health, check out my Metabolic Repair Protocol.

P.S. Be sure to tune back into Reality Health Check tomorrow—I have a few more thoughts to add to this discussion…