The greatest medical mistake ever?

When was the last time your primary physician—or any of your doctors, for that matter—recommended you start taking a multivitamin?

Have they ever?

Let’s look at why that simple omission could be the greatest medical mistake of all…

Repeated brain-boosting potential

New data from the Cocoa Supplement and Multivitamins Outcomes Study (COSMOS) further confirms that taking a daily multivitamin could help protect the aging brain.

(So, obviously, now even more of the naysayers are out in full force!)

More specifically, as described by one of the study authors, their meta-analysis provides “strong and consistent evidence that taking a daily multivitamin, containing more than 20 essential micronutrients, can help prevent memory loss and slow down cognitive aging.”

This ongoing, nationwide study is the largest of its kind where researchers are continuously testing the effects of cocoa extract and multivitamin supplementation on cognition in many different trials.

I’ve reported on the positive results we’ve seen thus far. But here’s a quick breakdown…

The COSMOS-Mind analysis consisted of just over 2,250 participants, aged 65 or older. At study outset, subjects were dementia-free. And it turns out, a daily multivitamin was associated with improved global cognition, episodic memory, and executive function.

In addition, the COSMOS-Web portion looked at just over 3,560 participants who were evaluated annually for three years using internet-based neuropsychological tests.

Ultimately, those taking a multivitamin performed better with memory recall (as measured by remembering a list of 20 words).

Plus, the COSMOS-Clinic analysis looked at the results of in-person cognitive assessments among 573 participants. These subjects experienced a modest benefit on global cognition over two years, compared to placebo, with the most significant benefit in episodic memory. (This deals with all the puzzle pieces that come together to recall a past event.)

Now, researchers conducted a meta-analysis based on these three sub-studies, with 5,200 non-overlapping COSMOS participants.

And these newest results confirm “clear evidence” of the positive effects of a daily multivitamin on global cognition and episodic memory…

Ultimately reducing cognitive aging by a remarkable two years!

Eyes wide open

Could you imagine if Big Pharma had come up with a drug half as good as this?

It would cost thousands upon thousands of dollars per year… and be touted as the biggest breakthrough since penicillin!

Yet, have you heard a peep? (Here’s where I urge you to open your eyes.)

Multivitamins are safe, accessible, and affordable. So, why not find a quality product from a brand you trust and add it to your regimen?

Just ensure it contains at least 22 essential vitamins and minerals providing 100 percent (or more) of the recommended daily values. (Bonus if it includes additional ingredients to support other areas of health, to boot.)

But here’s where those naysayers come to scene…

The powers-that-be are all up in arms over the cost and potential negative downsides of a multivitamin. (That HAS to make you laugh, right?)

Meanwhile, millions of doctors prescribe drugs every single day to patients that are SO expensive, people sometimes have to choose food or medicine…

Not to mention, some pretty terrible side effects, and interactions, of common prescription drugs.

While this study is not yet definitive, it is definitely indicative that there may be something pretty simple that we can all do in the hopes of slowing down, if not reversing, cognitive aging.

So, for those doctors who aren’t recommending a daily multivitamin, I say, “Shame on you!”

And for the medical associations who refuse to recognize these positive results, I say, “The families who are left to suffer should all sue you.”

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