The joint-comfort secret helping 80-year-olds move like 20-year-olds

I’ve been discussing natural ways to soothe discomfort quite a bit in my Reality Health Check e-letter recently. So I thought this month, I’d share my ultimate “go-to” recommendation with you here in Logical Health Alternatives. This one is backed by more than 25 clinical trials, and research shows it can make a huge difference, especially for joint comfort and flexibility.

I’m talking about green lipped mussel extract. Green lipped mussels are a unique type of shellfish found exclusively off the coast of New Zealand.

But their benefits for joint comfort may never have been revealed if it weren’t for New Zealand’s indigenous Maori tribe.

How the Maori get around with ease no matter what their age

Decades ago, the Maori caught the attention of the scientific community because they simply didn’t appear to succumb to the same aging pitfalls as the rest of the world. More specifically, they were able to get around with ease no matter how old they were.

At 60, 70, even 80 years of age…a surprising majority are still able to bend, stretch, twist, and crouch with the comfort of a 20-year-old.

And this isn’t just a casual observation.

Scientists actually studied the tribe for years. And after a thorough examination of their joints—including questionnaires, x-rays, and blood samples—researchers found that only 9% of the Maori tribe ever suffer from everyday joint discomfort.

The percentage was so low that researchers measured it two more times over a period of six years, just to be sure. But each time the result was the same: The Maori’s joint discomfort was almost half the New Zealand average—and more than two times lower than the U.S.

After further investigation, researchers eventually pinpointed one of the Maori’s dietary mainstays as the reason for the extended “spring in their step”—the green lipped mussel.

Once scientists realized it was the key to the Maori’s joint comfort, it quickly became one of the most researched natural ingredients known to natural medicine.

And the results are pretty impressive, to say the least…

Soothe stiffness by promoting joint comfort at the source 

One study showed that 1,050 mg of green lipped mussel extract was able to improve joint comfort, mobility, and stiffness in 76% of participants.

In another clinical trial, 83% of participants reported good or excellent results after using 1,500 mg of green lipped mussel extract daily over a year-long period. The patients reported exercising with ease, improved joint comfort, and greater mobility.

And when the researchers took x-rays of these participants’ joints, they found evidence that green lipped mussel also promotes cartilage growth. So it’s not just a temporary “Band-Aid”…it promotes joint comfort at the source.

Which is exactly why I included green lipped mussel extract as one of the cornerstone ingredients in my FlexLogic formula.

FlexLogic is making all the difference for knee pain

FlexLogic was actually one of the flagship formulas in my NuLogic Nutritionals line…and I have to say, it’s certainly stood the test of time. The feedback continues to be amazing.

Here are just a couple of my recent favorites:

Helen told me, “FlexLogic has made all the difference in my knee pain. I am so happy I can exercise again.”

And Gerry wrote in saying, “I have been taking FlexLogic for about 3 months and just realized while I was climbing some stairs the other day that my pain was gone. My knees aren’t painful when I walk or climb stairs anymore. FlexLogic has given me a new lease on life.”

I love hearing success stories like these. And I’m so grateful to be able to help people—like Helen and Gerry…and you—find natural ways to keep moving comfortably.

I’ll keep bringing you news of the best, science-backed alternatives here in Logical Health Alternatives, and in my Reality Health Check e-letter.

But in the meantime, if you haven’t already given FlexLogic a try, I encourage you to check it out and put it to the test for yourself.

It could make all the difference for you, too.

You can learn more about it or order a supply today by clicking here or calling 1-877-899-9219 and asking for order code EOV1T300.


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