The little blue secret behind a more efficient brain

We really are entering a “golden age” of supplement research. Exciting new studies are appearing in journals every day.

In fact, two new studies — both well-designed, controlled, clinical trials — are backing up what smart doctors have always known: Blueberries are good for you.

And I mean really good. According to these trials, blueberries may be able to sharpen memory and thinking skills.

The first of these studies looked at nearly 50 older adults. One group took a supplement equivalent to a full cup of blueberries daily for 16 weeks. Another group took a placebo powder during the same period.

Brain imaging and cognitive tests both before and after the study revealed a distinct advantage to the blueberry eaters. Including a 72 percent boost in word recall — and a 13 percent improvement in visual-spatial memory.

The second study was a little larger, featuring almost 100 older adults who complained of mild, occasional memory lapses. Results showed that blueberry supplementation improved subjects’ mental self-evaluations and sense of well-being.

Obviously, these findings aren’t quite as impressive on paper as the first study’s. But they do suggest that you can feel sharper and more efficient in your everyday life, simply by eating more blueberries.

And I’m not about to argue with the wisdom of such a simple, delicious strategy.

In fact, blueberries are one of my Hamptons Diet staples. They’re low in sugar and packed with antioxidant flavonoids called anthocyanins. (These are the phytochemicals that give blueberries their deep purple color.)

But while blueberry season is on its way, it won’t last long.

That’s why I recommend my PurpleLogic formula — a powdered drink mix, featuring blueberries alongside a long list of other superfruits and anthocyanin-rich veggies. It’s an easy, great-tasting way to keep your brain — and your body — healthy every day of the year.