The “magic” step count for ultimate heart protection

I love to exercise. And I sometimes set lofty goals for myself.

But for the most part, I know that consistency is key.

And, say it with me, anything is better than nothing.

So whenever I come across research that reiterates this stance, you can bet I’ll be sharing it with you.

The latest shows that SMALL step counts can PROTECT your heart.

And you might be surprised to hear how little steps you need…

A new magic number

Researchers found that older adults, ages 71 to 92, who added a quarter mile of steps to their day lowered their risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) events by 14 percent within four years.

That’s just 500 extra steps!

Better yet, for each additional 500 steps, risk of CVD events continued to fall by 14 percent. Not too shabby for squeezing in a few brisk walks throughout your day!

The researchers looked at fatal and nonfatal CVD events, including coronary heart disease, stroke, and heart failure.

And they found that risk was significantly higher—by 11.5 percent—in adults with the lowest daily step counts (fewer than 2,077).

On the other hand, participants with the highest daily step count (at least 4,453) only saw a 3.5 percent risk of CVD.

The motivation you need

What I love most about this study is that it was done on seniors (adults over the age of 71)—because most exercise studies are conducted on much younger populations.

And let me point out that the average daily step count among participants was 3,447 steps… not lofty by any means!

Of course, we still need more data, but these results at least support the value of a modest increase in activity to reduce CVD risk in older adults.

In fact, small step counts may be the motivation you need to simply get started.

And if you ask me, it’s easier to monitor how many steps you’re taking in a given day than deciphering what the federal recommendation of “moderate to vigorous physical activity” even means.

(Now, I’m not diminishing higher intensity exercise. I always like to point out the benefits of exercise in large and small amounts—as they both contribute to leading a longer, healthier life.)

Nowadays, there are countless devices that count your steps for you. (Perhaps your smartphone has this feature and you didn’t even know it!) I encourage you to investigate a little until you find a tool that works best for you.

So, what are you waiting on? Simply walk a bit more each day. And if you can’t walk easily, don’t give up! Do whatever feels good to you

Maybe that’s bicycling or pool aerobics. Just try… and keep at it!

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