The missing link to ultimate blood-sugar support

I spent years searching for a blood-sugar solution that could take the quality of my patients’ lives to a whole new level. And I finally found it a few years ago, at one of the world’s largest gatherings of natural breakthroughs.

It’s a huge show packed with industry leaders — doctors, scientists, ingredient suppliers, manufacturers, you name it. And needless to say, it can be tough to find hidden gems when you’re wading through row after row of flashy displays.

But this time, I managed to discover a true diamond in the rough.

It’s a standardized, proprietary extract of the European Ash tree called Glucevia that has turned out to be the “missing link” in blood-sugar support.

It targets an aspect that no other blood-sugar product on the market addresses — healthy liver function.

You see, your liver plays in converting blood sugar into energy. Under normal conditions, your muscles and liver store excess glucose in your bloodstream as glycogen. Or, as I call it “stowaway sugar.”

But if your liver isn’t operating at peak performance, it can’t clear the stowaway sugar out of your blood effectively.

And what happens to all that excess stowaway sugar?

It turns into triglycerides — and you wind up with a layer of fat forming around your liver. Meanwhile, anything that’s leftover simply remains in your bloodstream, where it wreaks havoc on your body in a nonstop cycle.

And that’s exactly where Glucevia comes in.

It helps promote proper uptake of blood sugar into your liver and muscles. And early lab research shows it can help maintain healthy liver function AND blood-sugar levels. There’s no other product on the market that I know of that can make the same claim.

So I made this breakthrough ingredient the center of my Glucynergy Advanced blood sugar support formula. Since then, I’ve received tremendous feedback from patients and readers who had tirelessly struggled to maintain healthy blood sugar before.

Their results confirm what all of the impressive research on Glucevia has shown: better blood sugar balance, healthy triglycerides, and even improved weight management. Without the drudgery.

Bottom line: The proof is in the pudding. Glucevia works — in a way that no other blood sugar support product on the market does. (And combining it with mulberry leaf extract and benfotiamine, as I did in Glucynergy Advanced, just takes those results to a whole new level.)

The only problem? A steady supply of the standardized ash tree extract used to make Glucevia has been difficult to secure. In fact, supplies have been so limited for the past 8 months, Glucynergy has only been available to a select group of my patients and a few others who needed it most.

But the manufacturer of Glucevia has finally secured a new source of this potent extract. It’s been DNA tested to ensure that it provides the same high quality and consistent benefits. And now, I’m thrilled to announce that Glucynergy Advanced is finally available to all my patients and readers once again.

So if you’ve had trouble maintaining healthy blood sugar with natural formulas in the past, I encourage you to check out Glucynergy Advanced today.

It may very well be the “missing link” you’ve been searching for too.