The New Men’s Room?

I know this may sound crazy – even absurd to some; but the doctors office may be replacing the locker room or the new age barber shop as the place to hang out and just be guys.

I would never have thought of this but I was at dinner with a bunch of really good friends in celebration of my birthday month ( yes, month- more on that later) and the conversation turned towards the change of season and how everyone was feeling unwell, a little stuffy, foggy, in the brain and the guys in the group, surprisingly not the women, wanted to know if there was anything they could do. I had just so happened to get an intravenous infusion of vitamins that day: 25 grams of vitamin C, tons of B vitamins and other anti-oxidants. It made a world of difference and told my friends I was going to have another the next day in preparation for my trip to Europe and that tin can full of germs known as an airplane.

To my surprise, they each wanted in. So, fast forward to the next day and there are three guys sitting in my office each connected to an IV filled with vitamins- no phones, no distractions- just each other. Naturally, the conversation turned to business, women, restaurants, sports, not necessarily in that order; but, the funny thing was that we managed to not only have quality time together without the significant others, but we managed to get a bunch of deals going that we had been discussing for months and just never found the time to do.

And after an hour and a half, we came out of the office, refreshed, feeling better and making more money and business prospects. I bet that has never happened in the steam filled sauna with some half naked dude sitting next to you.

It therefore occurred to me that a paradigm shift was occurring. These were all young guys in their 30’s interested enough in their health to come to the doctors office and try something “unconventional”. Granted they were my friends and already liked natural remedies but it was men making health care decisions on their own. Considering 80% of all health care decisions are made by women in this country, it gave me great satisfaction to see men taking charge of their health. Health is not just about having a six pack- so perhaps the doctors IV room may just become the next men’s room.

Stay tuned friends…..