The No. 1 healthy habit HIJACKER

New year, new you… right?

So far today, you’ve worked out, had a healthy breakfast, and a satisfying lunch.

Yet, your mind keeps wandering to those leftover Christmas cookies or mouth-watering, indulgent leftovers…

You hold strong and eventually make a dinner that meets all of your nutritional needs. Even still, you can’t seem to shake the DESIRE for a sweet treat.

If this sounds familiar, your problem may not be a lack of willpower.

It could be THIS…

Less shuteye, more disease

Losing sleep is a surefire way to sabotage your health at every level.

Of course, that should come as no surprise. I often talk a lot about the importance of good, quality sleep.

In fact, I believe sleep is so critical to your overall well-being that I put together a complete, step-by-step protocol that will help you get to the root of any sleep disturbances you might be experiencing, without dangerous so-called sleep “aides.” (You can learn more about my Perfect Sleep Protocol right now by clicking here.)

It’s truly one of the most important steps you can take on your journey to optimal health—no matter the other issues you may be facing.

But, I digress…

Not only is ample, high-quality sleep essential for energy levels and overall functioning, it’s also linked to memory and brain function, immunity, and more.

And yes, that includes weight management.

Driven towards unhealthy choices

I’ve told you before that just one sleepless night can cause DNA-level changes in your body that trigger inflammation, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome. And as you know, all of those are big contributors to obesity.

In addition, lack of sleep causes exhaustion, making it harder to get moving (and burn calories) throughout the day.

Now, a recent study sheds light on how lack of sleep contributes to obesity in another way—by driving you toward unhealthy food choices.

Put those three together—a sluggish metabolism, inability to get off the couch, and insatiable junk food cravings—and you have the perfect recipe for weight gain.

Tune back in to tomorrow’s Reality Health Checkfor more details from this telling study, along with how you can combat that unhealthy, driving force toward poor dietary choices.

Until next time,
Dr. Fred