The pill-free, no-injection way to up testosterone

I’ve pored over the research for years, and I can tell you that the benefits of responsibly used testosterone therapy far outweigh the risks. As I said yesterday, it’s one of the most underrated — and truly life-changing — therapies there is.

But I just came across a study that shows another way to boost testosterone without a single pill or injection.

The study found that obese men (who often struggle with waning testosterone) can increase their testosterone levels simply by exercising more. In fact, the researchers found that in men who exercised, testosterone levels increased even if they didn’t lose weight.

The moral of the story?

If you have a few pounds to lose and notice any of the symptoms of low T (plummeting sex drive, weakness, changes in sleep patterns, and emotional changes), it’s time to get moving.

Even if you don’t lose weight, your testosterone levels will benefit. And that could mean more energy, a better sex life, more vitality, and, eventually, better weight control.

You’ve got nothing to lose…and everything to gain.