The Secret

Sometimes I feel as if I am being left out of something.  Did I miss the memo on the secret handshake or in this case, the secret milkshake? WTF?  And if you missed my last blog, you should know that stands for What the Fat?

When did we take our latest obsession of taking no responsibility for our own actions – Teen Moms anyone (the show) and put it in the health and nutrition arena.  Let me make myself perfectly clear, if you choose to be obese, you certainly have the right to – maybe?

I say maybe because the cost of what you are choosing to do to your self affects me.  I have to pay more taxes for health care, spend more on insurance premiums for my employees, pay to enlarge hospital beds and gurneys; not to mention how unpleasant it is to have to be on the subway next to someone who is that obese and takes up three seats.  So, just as an alcoholic, a smoker and a drug addict is a menace to society, so is someone obese.  When are we going to stop dancing around the issue?

Olivier, one of the contestants on Project Runway, who has (spoiler alert) been eliminated (which, epitomizes the opposite end of the spectrum – well not so much as America’s Next Top Model does) got super stressed by having to design for a “real” woman; which truth be told was probably 30 pounds overweight.  He said, “designing for boobs is a problem for me.  These boobs to me are trouble.”

You can not make this stuff up and that is why I love reality TV so much. It’s funny and captures the zeitgeist of American culture.  We are obsessed with thin and looking fantastic; yet only the smallest (and getting smaller each day) percentage of the population can achieve those goals; or at this point actually tries.

And there is just so much that has been troubling me of late in the news that I am not going to have much room to put in all that I want to about the new fall season – a few tidbits but not much else.  Plus, as you may have noticed, there has not been a blog for a week simply because my apartment is just about finished and I have been frantically trying to clean it up and make some sense of it. It’s difficult for me to work in chaos.

Anyway, back to the news! First there was the 700 pound woman (who is now on a diet thanks to me – even if it wasn’t my influence, I am taking credit for it); the man who couldn’t fit into the seats at White Castle and is suing them because of it; and now, there is the Lift Seat 600 – which is a toilet seat that lifts up to 600 pound people because they can’t get up themselves.

When I think of all these people being so overweight and believe me, you have to spend a lot of time eating in order to become that size; surely, I can’t be the only person offended by these gluttonous displays while so many in our country and the world go hungry every day.

Speaking of gluttony, do you know there is an International Federation of Competitive Eating?  WTF?????????  As if we weren’t fat enough, we now need contests to encourage us to eat more.

I was so disappointed with the Emmy awards this year – not only were they boring but the fact that Melissa McCarthy (whether she is a good actress or not is irrelevant), the fat girl from Mike and Molly won for best actress.  She literally weighed more than all the other nominees combined.  This bothers me simply because it is a grievous message we are sending out – that it is ok to be fat; when in fact, I am going to give it to you straight, it is NOT.

You are at higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer and decreased life expectancy.  The fact that Mike & Molly is in the top ten of all shows proves that America has a collective eating disorder and it ain’t anorexia or bulimia anymore.  People like to watch shows where they can relate to the characters and unfortunately, Molly probably resembles more women in this country than any of the Desparate Housewives.

Here is another example of the collective giving up of America.  My friend and blogger Heidi ( calls it thelandofSC.  When you cross into the land of just stop caring about what you look like or feel it’s in your power to control.  Sadie, talking to her mom about her weight on Awkward ) an MTV series, says, “Why did you have to pick a man with a fat gene? Thanks to you and your lack of due diligence, I’m going to die alone because you fell in love with a man with strong recessive chub.”

WTF???? I am telling you it IS your fault you are fat.  Genetics can be overcome.  I come from a long line of overweight people and my entire family has diabetes.  I don’t and I’m not fat because I work on it 24/7. And yes, it gets easier as time goes by and I do indulge like for my birthday which is quickly approaching.

All I can say is take responsibility, don’t feel beaten up and dedicate yourself to health –the weight will take care of itself.

So real quick – favorite new shows of the season thus far: Ringer, The Secret Circle, Playboy Club and BTW, The X Factor is way better than Idol.  And as for line of the week, from one of my favorite new shows, 2 Broke Girls: “ Whatever this is, doesn’t belong in a diner but in a show on Bravo.”  They are speakin my language

Until next time…