The secret lurking inside your salt shaker

You’ve been hearing for years that you should cut back on salt to help prevent high blood pressure. But I’ve always thought the connection between sodium and hypertension was overrated.

For the most part, I’m not as salt-phobic as most physicians. However, there is one fact about salt that most people don’t know…

Iodized salt–the kind you’ll find in the salt shakers sitting on most dining room tables in this country–actually contains sugar. Manufacturers add it to keep the grains of salt from sticking together.

So if you do use salt in your cooking or like to add a sprinkle to your food before you eat it, make sure you’re using natural sea salt. I recommend a brand called Real Salt, which is available in many supermarkets, as well as markets like Whole Foods (they also have a website if you can’t find it near you).