The secret to making fewer fat cells

When it comes to natural approaches to treating joint pain, you’ve probably heard about “MSM.” And even “HA” (hyaluronic acid). But today I want to share a different set of letters you need to know about if you suffer from joint pain…


It stands for glycosaminoglycans, and yes, it’s pronounced “gags.” GAGs are some of the most interesting natural molecules ever discovered in the field of joint health—and they’re your next big pain-fighting breakthrough.

GAGs have a superstar cousin that’s been hogging the spotlight for years now. I’m talking about the hyaluronic acid (HA) I mentioned above.

HA is a component of synovial fluid, a cushiony liquid in between your joints. Taking it as a supplement can help reduce pain and make it easier to get around.

10 years ago, the only way to get HA was to make a trip to your doctor for an expensive (and painful) injection. That is, until a team of joint experts in Barcelona developed the first oral form of HA that could be taken as a supplement.

But this team didn’t just hang up their lab coats and call it a day. They continued testing a wide range of GAGs, until they discovered something even BIGGER.

Turns out that when you combine HA with a precise blend of other GAGs, you amplify its joint-protecting power. They call this new discovery Oralvisc®, and it’s the first—and as of right now, the only—nutrient that’s been clinically tested to fight leptin directly in the joints of real people.

When I heard about this, I dove straight into the research. And I can tell you these are not petri dish results. In a 90-day study, real people who took Oralvisc were able to lower their leptin levels…and experience less pain and inflammation. That could help make it easier to walk, bend, stretch, run and even dance.

And that’s not even the most exciting part of the team’s discovery. Turns out, Oralvisc can help the body make fewer fat cells.

Here’s how it works: It starts with your body’s stem cells. Stem cells are generalized cells that haven’t declared their purpose yet. They can develop into many different types of powerful, specialized cells…and that’s why scientists and medical researchers are so interested in them.

Some stem cells have the chance to turn into joint-repair cells, called chondrocytes…or, they can become leptin-producing fat cells, called adipocytes.

The Barcelona team discovered that Oralvisc can help encourage more of these stem cells to become joint-repairing cells…instead of fat cells!

They sent me unpublished photos of the lab experiment and the difference is crystal clear. In the control group, the cells looked like they had been smashed together, clogged with oozing bubbles of fat. But in the Oralvisc group, you could see the cells were clearly defined with dramatically less visible fat.

In the 90-day study, this effect only had a small impact on body weight. The Oralvisc group lost a little weight, and the placebo group gained a little. More clinical tests are being discussed to find out whether Oralvisc could help with weight management, perhaps at a different dose.

Researchers also told us they’re also planning to study whether Oralvisc can help fight metabolic syndrome, and assist with a healthy weight, blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I’ll keep you updated as new research becomes available.

In the meantime, I recommend 80 milligrams of Oralvisc a day for my patients who are experiencing joint pain and show signs of having high leptin.


“The effects of an oral preparation containing hyaluronic acid (Oralvisc®)…” Rheumatology International. 2015 Jan; 35(1):43-52.

Unpublished images provided for review by Bioiberica, S.A.