The simple truth about complex carbs

Once again, researchers are proving that I’m right! A new study published in the Journal of Nutrition showed that complex carbs help pave the path to better blood sugar, better weight…better health in general.

That’s exactly what my New Hamptons Health Miracle is all about! And that’s why complex carbs make up an important part of my plan.

Complex carbs are the “good” kind that you find in vegetables and whole grains. And the reason they’re not dangerous is that, unlike simple, refined carbs, complex carbs break down slowly during digestion. Which means they release glucose gradually into the bloodstream.

And this particular study looked at what that means for overall health.

The 80 participants in the study were all healthy adults without diabetes (some were a little overweight). Researchers tested their blood to determine inflammation levels. They also measured the subjects’ body fat, weight, and bone density.

Then they divided the subjects into two groups. For one month, the first group ate a diet that included only complex carbs. The second group got a “simple carb” diet. Then the two groups switched diets for another month.

The “complex carb diet” came out the clear winner. It led to improvements in C-reactive protein (a marker of inflammation). And it also helped people lose weight.

Here’s the bottom line, folks. Every spinach salad you eat…every tomato, onion, artichoke heart, string bean, or broccoli floret…every cup of black bean or lentil or vegetable soup… dishes up the sort of nutrition that will keep you thin, healthy, and disease free.

It’s that simple.