The terrifying truth about fast-track FDA approval

You know how most conventional doctors — and even your friends and family members who still buy into the mainstream medicine dogma — like to criticize natural medicine as “unproven”? They say it’s not supported by science. Or that it’s not FDA-approved. As if that means anything.

Especially considering the fact that the so-called “proven” cures being approved by the FDA are based on nothing more than shoddy, preliminary science.

We always knew that was a problem, but a new study shows it’s even worse than most of us realized. It turns out that almost none of the drugs that have been fast-tracked for approval have actually been proven to do what they say they do.

These fast-tracked drugs have been brought to market based on trials that don’t actually measure for clinical outcomes (things like death, functional status, hospitalization, or even clinical markers of disease activity).

Instead, the trials use what the researchers call “surrogate markers” — measures that suggest a possible outcome, but certainly don’t prove it.

The idea is to get these drugs into patients’ hands faster, and then do more rigorous trials later. The problem is, those more rigorous trials are never happening.

The study found that even years after approval, less than 10 percent of the uses a drug is approved for have been confirmed by double-blind, placebo-controlled research.

To make this even more criminal, these drugs are still widely used even if subsequent clinical studies are NEVER conducted to confirm the expected benefits.

What a joke. This means that the manufacturers and the government come together to tell you — and doctors, who generally trust whatever the FDA says — that these drugs are effective and safe. And then once they start profiting, they can’t be bothered to do the post-market trials to confirm the benefits they’re claiming.

In other words, we have no way of knowing if the potential risks are outweighed by the benefits of the medications. Yet all those holier-than-thou mainstream medical fanatics would have you believe that there’s bulletproof evidence for the drugs they use and recommend.

The most sinister example of this is cancer drugs. Only 10 percent of the cancer drugs that got fast-track approval improved survival — the true measure for any cancer drug. Not to mention the fact that these drugs are some of the most expensive and side-effect-riddled on the market.

Drug companies are so eager to get their new and expensive drugs on the market that they have convinced and colluded with the FDA to approve them with less and less evidence. And then they have the audacity not to bother validating their claims clinically after the fact.

And they have the nerve to say the natural medicine industry provides no clinical evidence. Talk about deflecting what is really going down in the world of Big Money…oops, I meant Big Pharma.