The top 5 libido-killers lurking in your kitchen right now

When it comes to obesity and diabetes, the whole “You are what you eat” message is pretty straightforward (for the most part). But when it comes to other aspects of your health, it’s not always as easy to figure out what foods are helpful–and which aren’t.
Libido and sexual function are prime examples.

Of course there are some well-known food aphrodisiacs (and I’ll tell you more about those–and add some surprising ones to the list as well in the upcoming December issue of my Logical Health Alternatives newsletter). But there are also some foods that can have a negative impact on your sex life–and the list might surprise you.

Here are some things that might be lurking in your kitchen right now that can significantly decrease your performance and libido…

  1. Sugar. It really is the root of all evil. In my opinion, it should be banned or–at the very least–regulated as tightly as tobacco since sugar actually leads to more deaths than cigarette smoking. But I digress. Studies show that testosterone levels can drop by as much as 25% after a high glycemic loaded meal (one loaded with sugar or carbs, which turn into sugar in the body). And keep in mind that testosterone controls sex drive in both men and women.
  2. Soy. This is another of my least favorite crops and yet, along with sugar, wheat, and corn it is among America’s most subsidized food sources. Not only does soy wreak havoc with your thyroid gland, but its estrogen-like properties can suppress testosterone and, in turn, your sex drive.
  3. Canned foods and plastic bottles. These contain BPA, and studies have shown that men who are exposed to this chemical are four times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction and seven times more likely to report problems with ejaculation.
  4. Trans fats. These are the true killers of your cardiovascular system. And your sex life is dependent on an adequately functioning circulatory system. Interesting fact: Did you know the US government has known that trans fats are harmful for our health since at least the early 80s? Yet it took until just a few years ago for them to take the initiative to have them pointed out on food labels. (And if you ask me, that’s not going nearly far enough…trans fats should be banned from our food supply altogether.)
  5. Salt. I’m not as salt phobic as most physicians. I think if you drink enough water, salt is actually an important nutrient. However, too much is not a good thing, and if you eat a lot of processed foods, canned beverages (diet or regular), or fast foods, you’re undoubtedly consuming way too much sodium And too much salt may increase blood pressure, which in turn decreases erections.

So now you know how to navigate your kitchen for libido-destroying minefields…but don’t forget to check out the upcoming December issue of my Logical Health Alternatives newsletter for tips on how to rev up your sex life with some foods you might not expect.
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