The “ultravitamin” of the future

You know how I’m always knocking those ignorant “experts” who insist that supplements don’t give you anything more than expensive urine?

Well it might shock you to hear me say this, but… they’re not always wrong. In fact, when it comes to multivitamins, they’re almost always right — just not for the reasons they think…

Fact: The typical formula for your standard multivitamin has barely changed since the 1940s. And if your multivitamin is still using a formula concocted during the Great Depression, you might as well take nothing at all.

These generic vitamins were designed to address outdated lifestyle concerns, using outdated dosage standards. (That useless “recommended daily allowances” I’m always railing against.)

And these multivitamins certainly weren’t designed to address what I consider the biggest health concern of the 21st century.

Of course, I’m talking about metabolic syndrome.

As I’ve explained here before, metabolic syndrome affects your blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, and triglycerides. (And of course, all of the vitality-robbing complications those problems can lead to.)

Back in 1949, when the multivitamin was still in its infancy, this epidemic wasn’t even a blip on the medical radar. But in the decades since, metabolic syndrome has quickly grown into one of the biggest health challenges of our day.

In fact, almost half of all Americans over 60 currently have metabolic syndrome — and even more are on the verge of developing it.

With such dire statistics, you might be wondering — can something as simple as a good multivitamin really help stop this runaway train?


In fact, targeted nutrition is one of your most powerful weapons against any modern health concern. But in order to make a dent in this day and age, your multivitamin would need…

  • 1000 percent more vitamin C
  • 233 percent more vitamin E
  • 400 percent more vitamin D
  • 900 percent more vitamin K
  • 1150 percent more vitamin B6
  • 8000 percent more vitamin B12

And that’s just the basics. If you really want to get the jump on metabolic syndrome, you also need daily blood sugar support in the mix. That’s something you won’t find in any of the one-a-days lining your pharmacy or supermarket shelves.

But that doesn’t mean getting this kind of support is difficult. In fact, there’s one cutting-edge ingredient that serves this purpose particularly well — helping you burn excess blood sugar all day long (and even when you’re asleep)…

A daily dose of berberine does it all

If berberine sounds familiar, there’s good reason why: I’ve written about it before. (In fact, I’ve been talking about berberine for years!)

Berberine is really a “What CAN’T it do?” kind of herb. Studies show it’s useful for maintaining healthy blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. And it can even balance inflammatory responses and help you control your weight.

In fact, it’s so sought after in some parts of the world that it’s not unheard of for farmers to risk life and limb to climb tens of thousands of feet to harvest it.

I’ve seen my patients achieve outstanding results for over a decade now, just by adding a little berberine into their updated daily nutrient regimen. And when you understand how it works, it’s easy to see why.

Scientists have discovered through in vitro research that berberine works by activating blood sugar burning enzymes in your bloodstream — even when you’re at rest.

So when you have an off day and miss that daily walk or visit to the gym, berberine will still be launching an all-out assault on excess blood sugar. And steeling your body against the modern threat of metabolic syndrome in the process.

This, of course, is not carte blanche to abandon your exercise regimen. (Regular exercise and a healthy diet are the best ways to help rein in your blood sugar. Hands down.) But I would encourage you to take a closer look at the contents of your multivitamin — and to consider kicking your daily defense up a notch.

That’s exactly what I did when I designed my MetaMulti Advanced formula. In fact, I took it so far beyond the common multivitamins, I actually like to refer to it as an “Ultra Vitamin.”

It combines updated, effective doses of all the basic vitamins and minerals you need. Along with a handpicked arsenal of cutting-edge botanicals — including berberine — to offer true daily defense for the 21st century.

In other words, when you take MetaMulti Advanced, you won’t be flushing your money down the toilet. You’ll be getting the protection — and results — you paid for.