The World’s Easiest Heart Disease Cure

You’ve been told to "cut back" for decades.
But the terrifying truth is…
America's Sinister Salt Scam
is skyrocketing heart attack risk–
by a terrifying 360%
FINALLY! One M.D. is revealing the cold,
hard facts behind this deadly con–
and offering the inside scoop on
the world’s EASIEST cure for heart disease

Dear Reader,

Before you toss the next can of dishwater-flavored, low-sodium chicken soup into your shopping cart, get a load of this…

According to a study published by the American Heart Association, men who ate the least salt actually had more heart attacks than men who consumed the most. And not just one or two more.

We’re talking a 360% increase in heart attacks.

Even more astonishing?

The AHA has known about this jaw-dropper for 19 years.

That’s right. This disturbing study came out in 1995. Yet, salt restriction is still the go-to recommendation for protecting your heart from the ravages of high blood pressure.

Which would be all well and good…if it actually worked.

But there are reams of research showing that it doesn’t.

Brace yourself.

Because what you’re about to hear will change everything you thought you knew about protecting your heart.

That’s right. No more agonizing over sodium content on nutrition labels. No more skipping the salt in your favorite recipes.

Your trips to the supermarket are about to get a lot easier…Your meals are about to get a LOT more flavorful…And—

Your heart is about to get a LOT healthier
by NOT cutting out salt!

Believe it or not, the salt scam gets even worse…

  • The 1988 Intersalt study found no relationship between salt consumption and high blood pressure. In fact, people eating the MOST salt actually fared better than people who restricted their sodium intake!
  • In 2011, researchers at Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark reviewed 167 salt studies and found salt restriction caused a 7 percent increase in triglycerides—another risk factor for heart disease.
  • The Dutch researchers also found reducing salt intake caused kidneys to go into overdrive. Which, get this…actually causes the body to retain more salt. Their conclusion? Limiting salt could actually be harmful for cardiovascular health.

And it’s not just your heart that takes a beating by cutting salt. A 2010 study involving Harvard researchers  linked low-salt diets to an immediate onset of insulin resistance, a precursor to Type 2 Diabetes.

So why on earth is every cardiologist in the country still telling patients to banish the salt shaker from their dinner table?

To put it bluntly—

America’s Salt Scam continues simply
so the “experts” don’t look stupid!

You see, 40 years ago, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) launched an official program to help prevent high blood pressure. Unfortunately, at the time, they didn’t have any good advice to offer. So, working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, they took the “best” research they could find—two studies making flimsy-at-best connections between blood pressure and salt—and decreed salt Public Enemy No. 1.

It sounded reasonable. So doctors were happy to jump on the “bland is best” bandwagon. And since then, millions of people have sworn off salt.

Without a shred of concrete proof to back it up.

And according to a recent New York Times article, since 1972, “the NIH has spent enormous sums of money on studies to test the hypothesis, and those studies have singularly failed to make the evidence any more conclusive.”

But rather than acknowledge the mounting evidence exonerating salt, the “experts” decided at a conference back in November 2012 to save face instead. And to keep on dishing up anti-salt advice if it kills them—or you.

Finally! The truth is out!

And life as you know it will NEVER be the same again.

You don’t have to buy into the salt scam for one more second. You don’t have to settle for flavorless food for one more meal. You don’t have to give heart disease one more chance to steal your future.

Because you’re about to discover how to slam the brakes on this runaway train…and even throw it into reverse! In the next few minutes, you’ll learn about dozens of little-known, safe, non-drug approaches that DO actually work to safeguard your heart and rein in high blood pressure. Including…

The one-two punch so effective you may not need ANYTHING else!

Balancing your blood pressure really boils down to getting enough of two forehead-smackingly simple nutrients. And for the first time, world-renowned physician Fred Pescatore, M.D. is revealing this safe, natural heart healing duo—in an exclusive report, titled The World’s Easiest Heart Disease Cure.

He’s seen this remarkable “twofer” work time and again in his patients…And he’s seen delighted smile after delighted smile when these same patients thank him. Not just for putting an end to their boiling-over blood pressure…But also for giving them back the flavorful food they’d been missing—after years of shying away from the salt shaker.

But salt isn’t the only “no-no” you’ll be able to enjoy again once you’ve discovered The World’s Easiest Heart Disease Cure.

Because America’s Sinister Salt Scam isn’t the only piece of conventional heart wisdom mainstream health experts have gotten wrong. Not by a longshot! And Dr. Pescatore will show you how—

Breaking all the “rules” is your BEST defense against heart disease

Salt isn’t the mainstream’s only fall guy when it comes to heart disease. In fact, some of the mainstream’s most sacred heart-health tenets are blatantly wrong. And Dr. Pescatore will give you all the details in his groundbreaking special report, The World’s Easiest Heart Disease Cure.

For example…

  • Those egg substitutes promising to keep your cholesterol levels in check? They’ve got a dirty secret that’s attacking your heart with every omelet. But eating just one of these every day instead—like they do in Nepal, Thailand, and South Africa—will lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. (page 18)
  • You’ve heard all about the heart healthy benefits of olive oil. But there’s a good chance they’re going up in smoke every time you cook with it. Here’s what NOT to do with it. (page 19)
  • Fat isn’t the enemy! In fact, there is no significant evidence that even the “worst” kind—saturated fat—increases your heart risk. But one sneaky ingredient DOES. In fact, this stealth assassin is the No. 1 cause of heart disease. (page 21)

And these are just a few of the lies mainstream medicine has been selling for decades. But inside the pages of his shocking expose, The World’s Easiest Heart Disease Cure, Dr. Pescatore will uncover ALL the mainstream myths standing in the way of ultimate heart health.

But perhaps the most earth-shaking of all is the fact that…

Heart disease isn’t a disease at all
America’s No. 1 killer is actually
a vitamin deficiency!

Imagine…your doctor writes you a prescription for Lipitor to lower your cholesterol. Then another one for Lopressor to rein in your blood pressure. And yet another for Coumadin to thin your blood.

Before you know it, you’ve got a half a dozen little orange pill bottles crammed into your medicine cabinet. And suddenly you’re spending your days suffering through the litany of side effects that come along with them.

Things like…

  • Bloating and gas
  • Yellowing of the skin or eyes
  • Confusion and memory loss
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Depression
  • Trouble breathing
  • Chest pain (yes—chest pain!)

But the pros outweigh the cons, right? I mean, how else are you supposed to prevent heart disease?

Well, what if I told you there’s a simpler, safer, side-effect free way to safeguard your heart? Simply by giving it some critical nutrients it’s desperately lacking.

Could these five simple vitamins trump
Big Pharma’s top heart drugs?

You betcha!

You see, your heart needs some specific vitamins to operate at peak performance. And if it doesn’t get enough, it breaks down. In fact…

  • High levels of homocysteine—one of the hallmarks of heart disease—are actually a marker for deficiency of a common vitamin trio
  • Low levels of another critical nutrient raise the risk of heart-related death by a whopping 81 percent
  • And not getting enough of this essential vitamin doubles the risk of dying from heart problems within one year

In other words, these basic vitamin deficiencies may very well be the real cause of what we call “heart disease.” Boost your levels, and there’s a mighty good chance your heart problems will do a vanishing act that would make Harry Houdini proud.

When you look at it that way, the CURE for the No. 1 killer in America could be as simple as a good quality multivitamin!

Dr. Pescatore will tell you exactly which nutrients your heart needs—and how much—in Chapter 6 of his report, The World’s Easiest Heart Disease Cure.

And I’ll tell you how you can get this exclusive, life-saving guide in just a moment. But first, while we’re talking about the drugs Big Pharma keeps churning out to cash in on heart disease, I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight one in particular…/p>

The aspirin bombshell so devastating
authorities in Europe BANNED it for good

You’ve been told time and again that aspirin is harmless. In fact, just a few months ago, the American Heart Association published an article urging people to take it every night before bed to prevent morning heart attacks. And many doctors recommend you take it every day, “just to be on the safe side.”

But there’s absolutely nothing safe about aspirin.

In fact, a 2012 study published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that “the benefits of low-dose aspirin for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease are modest. Any benefit of low-dose aspirin might be offset by the risk of major bleeding.”

In other words, the “protection” you get from aspirin is measly at best. But the risk of bleeding to death is terrifyingly real.

Health authorities in Europe didn’t waste any time acting on this shocking data. Just months after this study came out, the European Heart Journal urged practitioners to stop recommending aspirin.

But what did U.S. health authorities do
with this lifesaving information?

In fact, the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force—our national panel of health experts—hasn’t updated its aspirin recommendations since March 2009!

Meanwhile, aspirin (along with its cousins in the NSAID family) continues to kill 7,600 unsuspecting victims each year.

But Dr. Pescatore refuses to stand for these “sins of omission.” He’s been warning his patients against aspirin for more than a decade. Cluing them in to the cold, hard facts about this over-the-counter killer. (Including the ONLY instance you should ever consider taking it!)

And now he’s revealing all these life-saving details to you, in his exclusive report, The World’s Easiest Heart Disease Cure.

And he’s not stopping there.

Because as dangerous as aspirin is, it absolutely pales in comparison to some of the other go-to heart drugs Big Pharma is peddling these days. In fact, there are—

Two more heart disease “miracle drugs”
you should avoid at all costs

One raked in a staggering $7.2 billion for Big Pharma in 2010 alone. In fact, it’s the top selling drug of all time. Yet there isn’t a single shred of clinical evidence that it can decrease your risk of heart attack or stroke.

The other is just as useless against heart attacks and stroke. And to add insult to injury, it can also make you gain weight, struggle with constant fatigue, and even trigger asthma attacks.

The bottom line is that Big Pharma is playing a dangerous game with your heart health.

It’s time to settle the score

Dr. Pescatore will tell you how to avoid these useless, risky drugs using safe, natural, simple alternatives. He’s been using this approach in his practice for years—with jaw-dropping success. And his patients are living proof. Take, Phil, for example…

Phil turned to Dr. Pescatore because his doctor prescribed high blood pressure meds, which caused loss of libido and sexual function. Something he was NOT happy about. But in just 8 weeks, Dr. Pescatore helped Phil ditch the drugs. Get his blood pressure under control. And  regain the desire and stamina he thought he’d lost for good.

And then there’s Brenda. Like Phil, she’d been told drugs were the only way to rein in her runaway cholesterol and triglycerides. But just four weeks after turning to Dr. Pescatore for alternatives, Brenda’s cholesterol was a picture perfect 167. And her triglycerides were healthy as could be at 34.

All thanks to the lifesaving advice they got from Dr. Pescatore. And now…

For the very first time—
you have VIP access to these exclusive heart healing secrets too!

Dr. Pescatore has been reversing heart disease in patients like Phil and Brenda for more than 20 years. Without drugs. And without drudgery.

It’s healing secrets like these that have made Dr. Pescatore a sought-after expert in natural medicine. He’s appeared on The View, The Today Show, ABC News, and The Rachael Ray Show. He’s a New York Times best-selling author. And he serves as president of The International & American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists.

And now, he’s releasing every last one of his time-tested natural heart-repairing breakthroughs. All in one, comprehensive volume, titled The World’s Easiest Heart Disease Cure.

Seven in-depth chapters covering the gamut of cardiovascular health. High cholesterol, hypertension, stroke, heart attack…no matter what your heart concern, you’ll find the simple, natural solution here.

The World’s Easiest Heart Disease Cure is packed cover-to-cover with potentially life-saving information. And no one should be without it. Even if your cholesterol levels are perfect. Or your blood pressure is as steady as a rock. Because there’s much, much more to complete heart health than these go-to numbers.

Never had your ticker skip so much as a single beat? Well, that’s fantastic! But before you assume your heart is ship-shape, take a minute and answer…

The weird 7-question quiz
that REALLY tells you whether you’re
a heart attack waiting to happen

Before he even gets out the blood pressure cuff, Dr. Pescatore asks his patients seven odd questions. And their answers are an uncanny predictor of their heart attack risk.

But—here’s the kicker: They don’t seem to have ANYTHING to do with your heart.

Check it out:

  • Do you have chronic or recurrent pain in your neck, jaw, throat or ear?
  • When you take off your socks, do you see an indent or mark where the elastic band at the top touched your ankle or calf?
  • Do you have small yellow bumps anywhere on your skin?
  • Do you urinate frequently?
  • Is your hair thinner than it was a few years ago or do you seem to lose an excessive amount when you brush or shampoo it?
  • Do you have coughing spells at night?
  • Do you regularly get dizzy when you stand up?

These questions may sound strange. But in fact, this 7-item checklist zeroes in on your true heart health better than any stress test, blood sample, or cardiac catheterization.

And in chapter 3 of The World’s Easiest Heart Disease Cure, Dr. Pescatore will explain what each of these symptoms mean for your heart.

And why you should never ignore any of them.

This is it!
EVERYTHING you need to know to wipe out your risk of
heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and MORE


In The World’s Easiest Heart Disease Cure, Dr. Pescatore won’t just clue you in to the heart risks and symptoms you’ll never hear about from the American Heart Association.

He’ll also tell you about the three tests he uses to monitor his own heart health.

And why your cholesterol level is probably exactly where it needs to be—even if it’s “high” by mainstream standards!

And that’s just the beginning. You’ll also discover…

  • The fruit salad secret that cuts blood pressure by 15 points and slashes heart attack risk by 32%.
  • Why you should always get blood pressure readings on BOTH arms.
  • Two forbidden foods your heart needs every day.
  • Why jumping on the “Paleo” bandwagon could be a disaster for your heart.
  • The happy hour secret to better cholesterol. (Hint: It’s NOT red wine!)
  • The “forgotten” vitamin your heart needs more of
  • The cholesterol cure hiding in your gut

And much, much more!

Dr. Pescatore has dedicated himself to whittling down the convoluted, confusing, conflicting—and blatantly WRONG—mainstream advice about keeping your heart healthy.

And he’s discovered that TRUE heart health is startlingly simple. Now, for the first time, he’s sharing all the details, in—

The World’s Easiest Heart Disease Cure

This is the comprehensive guide Dr. Pescatore’s patients have been clamoring for years… The single most important weapon in the war against heart disease. Far safer than surgery. More powerful than any prescription.

And they’d be willing to fork over big bucks to get these safe, effective, simple cures all in one place. Luckily, they don’t have to.

And neither do you.

Dr. Pescatore insisted this breakthrough cure shouldn’t just be easy…it should also be affordable. So he’s offering it to you today for just $19.95.

That’s right. Less than $20 for this ultimate collection of natural heart-healing secrets. Imagine, literally transforming your heart health. Finally–

Never worry about your cholesterol,
blood pressure, or heart attack risk—


With The World’s Easiest Heart Disease Cure, it’s all taken care of in one fell swoop. You have all the answers you need for perfect heart health—right at your fingertips.

Such as…

  • The six heart numbers you need to know (Hint: Cholesterol ISN’T one of them!)
  • The secret cause of the excruciating pain, numbness, and tingling of neuropathy…and how to fast-track the healing
  • The French seaside secret that can repair, rebuild, and revitalize your heart
  • The hidden cost of reaching that “magic” blood pressure number
  • Why you should never take a statin to protect against pneumonia
  • The best-selling blood pressure drug that doesn’t work
  • The six-week, gimmick-free guide to improving every number on your blood panel
  • How to sweep your arteries clean by whipping up a batch of homemade salsa
  • The world’s oldest, safest, and stinkiest blood pressure cure

And if you don’t find the answers you’re looking for…if The World’s Easiest Heart Disease Cure doesn’t help reel in your cholesterol, balance your blood pressure, and slash your heart risk…If your heart isn’t the healthiest it’s ever been, well…

Just say the word.

You have a full year to put Dr. Fred’s heart healing secrets to use. If they haven’t transformed your heart health—and your life—by the end of 12 months, just let us know. And we’ll issue you a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping).

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to put an end to all the bad advice you’ve been given…To wipe out heart disease without wiping out your bank account on expensive, dangerous drugs…And to make heart health something you never have to worry about again.

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