Tis’ The Season

Wait, isn’t that over? Actually, for most of us, it’s only just begun! Dieting season that is.  I hope that most of you have stayed the course and not strayed too much during this past holiday season but in case you have, now is the time to set things right.

As Sarah Jessica Parker said on Glee, “sometimes it’s the not forgiving that holds us back.” And while that can be true for many instances in our lives, it is true for weight and health issues.  You can and have to forgive yourself for not getting things right all the time and for using that as an epic excuse to continue to fail.  Let things go and forgive yourself, forgive your friends who may have tempted you – just forgive and allow yourself to move forward on your quest for health and a thinner waistline.

After all, eating well isn’t easy. It takes time, effort, perseverance and ingenuity.  I was away for the holidays.

Montserrat Christmas Fair Menu

In fact, I was on an island that takes Christmas very seriously.  So seriously in fact, that the entire place was on Carnival from December 14th through January 1st.   It was impossible to get anything done and there was food everywhere and it wasn’t healthy in any respect.

That left me with no choice but to figure it out.  So, you will be proud of me. With the help of these two new French guys on the island who are starting a hydroponic farm – how excited am I about that??? Together we went spear fishing and caught dinner a few nights, hiked into the mountain to find fresh water shrimp to throw on the barbecue and finally found the local organic chicken.  Of course, there is always the island’s national dish – goat water stew.  While it may not sound appetizing, it is delicious and believe me those goats are as local, grass fed and organic as it gets – just ask my plants.

Did anyone catch the RHOM reunion episodes? They were actually the best ones of that season.  Although, Andy Cohen was not lit well – I am surprised she allowed that to occur – the girls were terrific.  Especially when Ana told Lea to sit down or she might break a hip.

So, I want everyone to get back to their healthy ways and put away all of that holiday food and forget it exists. Throw away anything that may still be left over or give it away.

It’s time to be more like MJ on Shahs of Sunset when she threw herself a birthday party so she could forgive her best friend.  Sometimes it’s best just to forgive so you can move on.  MJ and her friends moved on from her apartment to the beach where she was throwing her party in a limo that was so big that she said, “its so Persian that it’s almost Saudi.”

Until next time….