‘Tis the Season to Be Snotty

Fall is here. And that means cold and flu season is back again.

But you don’t have to roll the dice on a toxin-packed flu shot to make it to spring unscathed. And you don’t have to don a biohazard suit to stay healthy through the holidays, either.

Just take one gram of medicinal mushrooms every day. Simple as that.

Previous research has shown that mice that consume medicinal mushrooms daily for ten days before and after flu infection fare far better against the virus than those that don’t. They maintain up to three times as much of their body weight. They also experience less lung damage and faster recovery.

The end result? An 80 percent reduction in flu-related mortality.

True, it’s still animal research. But closer analysis of the results illuminates medicinal mushrooms ‘s ability to strengthen immune activity against viral illness. And this mode of action is borne out in a number of human studies. Most notably, in cancer patients.

That’s right–medicinal mushrooms can even fortify your body against cancer. It’s one of the more remarkable applications of this incredible compound. But you don’t need to take my word for it. Medicinal mushrooms  have the benefit of decades’ worth of solid clinical research backing the benefits.