Tune into THIS: Music’s healing powers?

Music has been said to be able to calm the savage beast.

Well, it appears it CAN help tame a beast that’s growing within ALL of us—especially in a post-pandemic world.

And it certainly helps me!

In fact, I listen to music to help me fall asleep at night. I find it that comforting… and relaxing.

But—you don’t have to just take my word for it.

Because a new study reveals why you should “tune in” during times of crisis

Survey says…

In a study of more than 700 adults, listening to music during the pandemic was associated with lower stress levels, improved mood, and general feelings of calm.

And “happy” (or uplifting) music was especially beneficial. (If only they told us this before the pandemic… or at least in the very beginning of it!)

The analysis was conducted in real time—meaning no lab or recreation was involved.

In fact, it involved repeated sampling of participants’ feelings, behaviors, and daily life experiences during the pandemic. It also tracked whether they deliberately listened to music, the characteristics of it, and why they turned to music.

Subjects used a smartphone app to report their mood, stress levels, and music listening habits five times a day, for seven days in a row. They also answered questions including, but not limited to:

  • “Are you unwell/well?”
  • “Are you without energy/full of energy?”
  • “Are you tense/relaxed?”

Ultimately, researchers linked “tuning in” to lower depressive symptoms and psychological distress, as well as higher life satisfaction.

Turn UP to dial DOWN

For me, music has always been able to lift my mood or ease my mind.

I mean, part of the reason I love SoulCycle (cycling) classes is because uplifting music is BLARING in the background!

But what I really love about the takeaway message here is this…

Music is free and easily accessible.

With technology being what it is nowadays, you can gain access and stream millions of titles, genres, and more.

I often direct the streaming service to the type of music I generally enjoy, but then allow it to take me on a wonderful journey. As a result, I often stumble upon pieces and artists I’ve never even heard of, yet thoroughly enjoy!

Now, I firmly believe we all need as many coping mechanisms as possible to help manage our stress levels. After all, unmanaged, chronic stress wears down your body—and your health.

And remember, just because the pandemic threat has receded, doesn’t mean we aren’t facing a new world, post pandemic. (I see a lot of anxious, frightened people out there.)

Well, maybe we all just need to TURN UP THE VOLUME…

In order to DIAL DOWN the stress.

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