U.S. Chicken meat contains arsenic

Playing chicken

Earlier this year, the FDA admitted that chicken meat sold in the U.S. also contains arsenic.

In fact, arsenic is added to chicken feed on purpose. Apparently, it’s “approved for growth promotion, feed efficiency and improved pigmentation,” according to the FDA.

For some reason, they convinced themselves that the arsenic was excreted by the chickens who ate it. Except, guess what? It’s not.

Instead, it ends up in the chicken that millions of Americans eat every single day.

But just like the situation with arsenic in juice, the FDA isn’t concerned. They claim the levels of arsenic found were “very low” and, again, that the arsenic “does not pose a health risk.”

They have no plans to recall any chicken currently being sold–or even to issue warnings to the public.

If that’s not a reason to shop organic, I don’t know what is.

But be careful. The terms “all natural” and “free range” are getting thrown around a lot these days–and the products don’t always live up to those standards. So look for the “100% certified organic” seal to ensure you’re getting chicken that’s free of hormones and antibiotics, fed only organic meal with no artificial ingredients.